Fruit Salad Slot Review

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You really can’t miss the Fruit Salad in this MicroGaming designed slot. A bowl is heaped high with a combination of grapes, melon, oranges and various other fruits, which is completed by ice cream and cream with a cherry on top.

This game is a straightforward three-reel online slot, where the Fruit Salad takes centre stage. This leading symbol is the highest paying in the game. It also acts as the wild, ensuring additional wins in combination with the other symbols. Those symbols are completed by further fruit symbols and the traditional bars, this is a fun and very colourful slot.

Setup of the Fruit Salad Slot

Fruit Salad is played out on three reels. Across the reels you have three win-lines. Win line 1 is across the centre, win line is across the top and the final 3rd win line is across the bottom. To win you’ll simply need to land three matching symbols on one of these win lines.

Players will choose the coin value which ranges from just 25c through to $5 and the number of win lines in play. Players can opt for 1, 2 or 3 lines, with all 3 lines the recommended option of the three – as you’ll see from the prizes of the top paying symbol below.

Wild Fruits and Big 3-Coin Wins

The fruit salad symbol is the most important in the game. The first reason for this is the fact that it acts as the wild symbol. This will now substitute for any other symbol, enabling additional wins.

This fruit salad symbol is also the highest paying. Interestingly, the pay-out differs based upon which of the win lines they line up on. Land three fruit salads on win line one and you’ll pick up an impressive 1,500-coin win. This win amount doubles to 3,000 coins when it appears on the upper win line two. Your biggest win of all however comes on win line three, when a huge 5,000 coins will be heading your way.

The fact that the largest win of all is only available on win line 3, makes playing all 3 win-lines an easy decision to make. Playing any less ensures that the slot will have a bigger house edge. It’s a better idea to play all 3 win-lines with a smaller stake than just a single win line with a higher stake.

Prizes for Standard Symbols

The highest paying standard symbol is a pomegranate which is cut in half, showing the seeds. Land these three times in a row and you’ll pick up a win of 300 coins. Next on the pay table is a lemon, which is on the middle of being peeled. This symbol pays out 150 coins.

This slot gives a nod to the traditional with the addition of bar symbols, the only non-fruit based symbols in the game. Usually, these are black and white in colour, but here they have been given a colourful makeover to match the theme.

Yellow coloured triple bars are the highest paying with a win amount of 80 coins. The purple double bars pay 30 coins, while the red single bars offer a win of 15 coins. Land a combination of the three bar symbols on a win line and you’ll pick up a consolation 7 coins.

Life is a Bowl of Cherries – Fruit Salad Design!

Fruit Salad might just be the most colourful three-reel slot you’ll find online. The large title of the game sits proudly beneath the reels, the lettering in orange, red and green. This sits in front of a large fruit salad image. Fruit salads are supposed to be healthy, but the size of this bowl with the addition of the cream and ice cream might negate this somewhat! If there isn’t enough colour already, you have a rainbow colour scheme in the background too.

The reels themselves are the familiar white backed reels you might find at many slots in the past. Symbols have a relatively basic design, although perfectly fitting for a 3-reel slot. Throughout play you’re met with the sounds of a casino, with a high-pitched beeping jingle meeting every win.

Should You Slice and Dice with the Fruit Salad Slot?

Fruit Salad is a slot which will have a nice appeal to fans of 3-reel games. The game is colourful throughout and has a good, fast pace. The gameplay might be straightforward, though the win amounts are anything but. With three different four figure wins on offer, there is always excitement, especially when you line up those 3 salads on line 3.

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