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Fruit symbols have a long association with slots and this MicroGaming title is as classic as you can get. On the reels you’ll find melons, lemons, oranges, plums and cherries, alongside a symbol showing many fruits. And what traditional slot would be complete without the bar symbols?

This 3-reel slot is slightly unusual as there is no wild symbol. This keeps the game straightforward – simply land three symbols in a row and you’ll win. The major prize in the game comes with the selection of fruits, offering the only four-figure win. Use the right betting strategy, and you can take a shot at this big prize.

Pick Your Own – How Fruit Slots Works

Fruit Slots is a traditional three-reel slot with just a single win line. Before hitting spin for the first time, you’ll first choose the coin value. The lower limit is just 75c and this ranges all the way up to $15. The other choice a player has to make is the number of coins per spin. Players can choose between playing 1, 2 or 3. Each number of coins has its own column on the pay table. It becomes clear that playing all 3 coins is the way to go. Read on to find out why.

The highest paying symbol in the game is the collection of fruits. If you are playing for 1 coin, landing this symbol three times in a row will pay 250 coins. Playing with a 2nd coin doubles the win amount to 500 coins. However, if playing for all 3 coins, the win amount takes an enormous jump to 2,500 coins.

Betting Strategy

In terms of strategy, this jump in pay outs makes it obvious that you should be playing all 3 coins. The return to player percentage is much higher, meaning that the odds are more in your favour when playing this way. It’s a better idea to play 3 coins with a smaller coin value, than playing for a single coin with a higher coin value.

The collection of fruits offers two extra pay-outs too. Land two on the win line and you’ll pick up 75 coins. Even a single symbol will pay out – this time worth 15 coins.

Next on the pay table are the bars, which as usual come in triple, double and single forms. Land three triple bars in a row and you’ll pocket 240 coins. This win amount halves to 120 coins for the double bars and halves again to 60 coins for the single bars. On many 3-reel slots, you’ll find a pay-out when you land a combination of bar symbols, but this is not the case here.

The collection of different fruits are the next highest paying symbols. The melon, the plum, the orange and the lemon, each offer the same prize of 30 coins. The final symbol is the cherry. Now the cherry symbol might be feeling a bit sorry for itself, as the pay-out is half that of the other fruits at 15 coins. Fortunately, there is a silver lining with this symbol, as landing just two cherries offers a pay-out of 9 coins.

Traditional Fruit Symbols Design

Fruit Slots has a real classic design which you will have seen at any traditional slot over the years. You have the white curved reels and the fruit symbols, while simply drawn, are exactly what you would expect. The layout of the game ensures that everything you need is right there on the screen. The reels are at the top left, the pay table is to the right and the fruit title is below the reels.

At the bottom of the screen is the control panel, with three large buttons to control the action. ‘Bet One’ moves the number of lines between 1, 2 and 3. ‘Spin’ sets the reels in motion at your chosen number of lines. ‘Bet max’ spins the reels with all 3 lines in play.

Throughout play you have a nice mix of casino sounds and the clicking and whirring of the reels.

Apple of Your Eye? Fruit Slots Verdict

Three-reel slots are traditionally more basic than their 5-reel cousins. This game is one of the most basic of all, which brings with it a certain charm. You have no distractions and the game play is particularly fast. You also won’t have to head to a second screen to see how much the pay outs are. No, this game won’t be for everyone, but for a straightforward, fun slot experience, this might be ideal.

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