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Fun House slot is an entertaining 3-reel game from online slots giant MicroGaming. The highlight of this particular fun house is the fact that there are a variety of large wins available. The bad news is that you have a rather scary clown to contend with on the screen throughout play.

Despite being a relatively straightforward game, there are some nice touches. You have the traditional bar symbols to go along with those related to the theme, which will appeal to fans of classic slots. You also have a wild symbol which will make your wins more frequent. The wild is also the highest paying symbol, with five different pay out amounts – the largest of these is very big!

Send in the Clowns – How Fun House Works

You’ll play many three-reel slots which have just a single win line. This slot goes much further than that with five. Win lines 1, 2 and 3 are the middle, top and bottom horizontals respectively. Line 4 is the diagonal from top left to bottom right and line 5 is the opposite diagonal. Players can choose to play between 1 and 5 win-lines, but when reading on, you’ll realise that all 5 is certainly the way to go.

Of the standard paying symbols, a bag of candy is the highest paying of all. Land three of these on any of the 5 win-lines and you’ll win 80 coins. This colourful symbol will also get the taste buds working.

The other standard symbols are the classic bars. These symbols usually come in a black and white colour, but here they have been given a colourful makeover to reflect the fun house theme. The triple bars are the highest paying of the three and come with a green background. Land three in a row and you’ll win 60 coins. The red coloured double bars are next and these offer up a win amount of 40 coins. The single bars have an orange background and these pay 10 coins. A small bonus payment of 4 coins is yours if you land a combination of the three bar symbols across any of the win lines.

A Wild Time – Fun House Wild Symbol

The final and most important symbol in the game is the ‘Fun House’ title symbol. This acts as the wild and will substitute for any other in the game. With so many bar symbols around, the wild will substitute for these on a regular basis, aiding with many wins.

Your biggest wins when you play for real money come when you land three of these title symbols in a row. However, the pay-out differs based on which win line you land them on. Three in a row on win line one will win you an impressive 1,000 coins but it only gets better than this. Wins on lines 2, 3 and 4 are worth 1,500, 2,000 and 2,500 coins respectively. Your biggest win of all comes on line 5, with an immense 5,000 coins heading your way if you line them up here. This win on line 5 is double the pay-out of any other win, so certainly worth aiming for.

As you can see from the pay-outs listed above, it certainly pays to be playing all 5 win-lines. If you play any less, you aren’t giving yourself the opportunity of that mega pay-out. In statistical terms, the odds are less in your favour by not playing all 5 too.

Hall of Mirrors – Fun House Slot Design

The design of this fairground themed slot is dominated by the somewhat scary clown as part of the title. The clown has a large gaping mouth which I presume is the entrance to Fun House. If this is the case, then you wouldn’t find me going in there (neither would you if you’d read Stephen Kings ‘IT’). Above the clown you’ll find the classic style white backed reels and the pay table is to the right of the screen. Throughout play, you’re met with the sound of an electronic casino, with appropriate beeps when you land a win.

A Whole Heap of Fun?

Many players find that these straightforward 3-reel slots hold much appeal. They might not have the same features or the many win lines that the 5-reel games have. However, they have an advantage in the speed of play and the total lack of distractions. Fun House slot machine is a fine example of a classic game. The title symbol is the dominant one in the game, paying out those huge wins – and also acting as the wild symbol. All in all, this makes for an entertaining game.

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