Gee Gees Online Slot Review

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There are times when slots have a very straightforward theme – ancient Egypt, Greek Gods or Far Eastern designs are very popular. Then there are other times when you seriously wonder what medication the slot designers are on in coming up with a theme. I would seriously love to have been a fly on the wall when someone suggested a slot which combined horses and the Bee Gees! But here it is, and the game is seriously entertaining.

The game itself starts out as a simple three-reel slot. However, a number trail offers the opportunity to enter a disco themed board game, where features, nudges and cash wins can be yours.

Staying Alive? How Gees Gees Slot Works

On the surface, Gee Gees starts out as a simple three-reel slot. The game features just a single win line and to keep things easy, you’ll win when landing three matching symbols in a row. You won’t find any wilds or any symbols paying out for landing less than three.

The highest paying symbols in the game are the glitter balls. Land three in a row and you’ll win an impressive 2,000x your stake – a win certainly not to be whinnied at. In a nod to classic slots, you’ll find a series of traditional symbols on the reels too. The melon is the highest paying of these, worth 250x your stake. Next are the golden 7s which pay 50x your stake. Horseshoes pay 20x your stake, and blue sevens are worth 10x.

As is the case at many slots over the years you’ll find triple, double and single bars. These pay 8x, 6x and 4x your stake respectively. The final wins on the pay table are 2x for a combination of the two seven symbols and your stake back for three cherries.

Multiple Gees Gees Features

Many land-based fruit machines, especially in the UK, feature holds and nudges.

A ‘hold’ is the opportunity to spin the reels with the option of freezing one or more of the reels (ideal when you have matching symbols on two of the reels, while you’ll spin the other).

A ‘nudge’ enables you to nudge a reel down, meaning the symbol above the pay-line now moves onto the pay-line itself. This can enable you to move the reels into a winning position.

This game features both holds and nudges which are randomly awarded throughout play. You can gamble with these, they will repeat or you can bank them too, ensuring more wins will come your way. These nudges and holds add an element of strategy to any game and ensure more player involvement than usual.

Number Trail Bonus Feature

The main feature of the slot is the bonus game. Below the reels is a trail showing a series of numbers and cash wins. You can move along this trail by using a series of numbers that appear alongside the symbols, or simply by landing a win. You’ll be taken to a disco floor, where you’ll see a horse dressed in a ‘Saturday Night Fever’ style. You’ll move around the outside of the dance floor, on board-game setup. You can win nudges (where the max win with those nudges will be awarded), cash prizes and features. The symbol you’ll want to avoid is the one showing a question mark, as this can lead to the feature ending.

Disco Soundtrack and Horse Designs

One of the most striking aspects of this MicroGaming designed slot is the entertaining soundtrack. Well, it’s entertaining if you like 1970’s disco! With disco dancing horses in the game, you’re sure to enjoy the humour of the game, especially as the three horses together do look like the Bee Gees. In some ways, the reels are the most basic part of the game. These have a classic, white-backed, curved look which will appeal to slot traditionalists. The title of the slot looms large below the reels and the pay table moves up the right-hand side of the reels.

The Gee Gees Slot: Worth Putting Your Dancing Shoes on for?

In the world of online slot gambling, 3-reel games have a reputation of being straightforward and simple. However, Gee Gees really bucks this trend. Yes, the base game is uncomplicated, but there is much more to the game than this. With nudges and holds in play, the player can influence the outcome using their own strategy. The bonus feature is fantastic too, as cash, features and nudges can all be won as you move around the dancefloor. With great sound too, this is a slot not to be missed.

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