Genie’s Gems Online Slot Review

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Genie’s Gems is a five-reel slot that will transport you to the time of the ‘Tales of the Arabian Nights’. The game features a genie and the magic lamp which it appeared from, alongside a magic carpet and a pair of minarets. The only thing missing is the character Aladdin, who would have fitted right in with these symbols.

This game is unusual in comparison to other five-reel slots, as there are no bonus features in the game. This even includes wilds and scatter symbols. What this very straightforward game does give you is the ability to win some very nice pay outs.

The Magic Carpet Ride – How Genie’s Gems Works

This MicroGaming design plays out on five reels, with each of these reels being three symbols high. Most symbols pay from left to right, but this game plays a little differently as you’ll win from right to left as well. The biggest wins come along when you land five in a row, with wins at the smaller end coming for landing three in row (the two lowest paying symbols also pay out for just two in a row).

Players can choose both the coin value and the number of lines in play. There are 5 win-lines in total, which are marked by the colourful indicators either side of the reels. If a win line is in play, the lettering of the indicator turns from black to white. The control panel features three large buttons. There is ‘Bet One’ which increases the number of win lines by one. The ‘Spin’ button sets the reels in motion with the chosen number of win lines. ‘Bet Max’ automatically spins the reels with the full 5 win-lines in play.

No Wilds Mean Bigger Regular Wins

Some players might find the lack of wilds or features disappointing. However, this does give the game a benefit. All of those additional wins that come from wilds and features being missing mean that the pay outs found on these reels are much larger in size than you might expect.

A look at the pay table tells you that the blue-faced genie is the highest paying symbol of all. Land these five times in a row on one of the pay lines and you’ll win a huge 10,000 coins. Even landing four in a row is worth an impressive four-figure 1,000 coins.

Next on the pay table is a clean-cut diamond, which has a top prize of 5,000 coins. The golden magic lamp is the next highest paying with a top win amount of 2,500 coins. This lamp is small and the genie is rather big, so it seems that it must have been quite a squeeze in there – no wonder the genie looks so happy to be out of it. The magic carpet and the pair of minarets complete the five themed symbols with top pay outs of 1,500 and 1,000 coins respectively.

The pay table finishes with the playing card symbols K, Q, J and 10. These symbols have top prizes of 500, 400, 200 and 100 coins respectively. The 10 and J symbols are the only ones in the game with a prize for hitting just 2 symbols – the 1 or 2-coin wins for this might not break the bank, but these regular wins will keep the bankroll ticking over.

Behind the Curtain – Genie’s Gem Design

The design of this Arabian Knights inspired game centres on the reels themselves with no real frills. These reels have a dark blue background, while behind you have a mix of pale blue, dark blue and purple. The most eye-catching of the symbols is the genie, each of the symbols appearing as you might find them in an animated movie. The themed symbols do indeed have some animation, although much like the rest of the slot, this is relatively basic. The same could be said about the accompanying sounds at the game.

Magic Carpet Ride – Genie’s Gems Overview

There is little doubt that some will find the lack of any features disappointing. With no wilds, free spins or second screen features, this game certainly isn’t high on variety. However, this type of game can have great appeal for some. You have nothing in the way of distraction and because of this, the game is speedier than most. The real appeal of this game are the high pay outs. The top prize of 10,000 coins certainly grabs your attention and there are many other large wins too. All of this makes for a high variance slot – the wins don’t come often, but when they do they are big.

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