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You might think that a slot which is all about germs might not be the most satisfying experience of your day. However, this game has a real charm that is hard to put your finger on. This MicroGaming designed game is very different from your usual slots as it plays out on a 6×6 grid. The only symbols in the game are a bunch of five germs. Each of these might seem a little bit on the ugly side, but you’ll learn to love the strange bunch, especially when those wins roll in.

This slot uses a variation of the rolling reels system, where a win will see winning symbols disappear and be replaced by the symbols above. And if you’re lucky you can find 3 pills and kill off a few germs!

Virus Infection? How Germinator Works

A 6×6 grid isn’t the only strange thing about this germ themed slot. Each of the ‘reels’ spin from left to right instead of spinning vertically. All 36 spaces on the grid are filled by the five different germ types. Each germ certainly has its own ‘unique’ look, although the fact that each is of a different colour certainly helps things along.

The winning system is slightly different to your usual slot. Here, to land a win you’ll need to find matching rows or columns of three or more gems. The pay table is found to the right of the reels and this seems complicated at first, but you’ll quickly realise it is anything but.

A yellow germ tops the pay outs, this germ looks like a ball with suckers on. The pay table shows x10 for this symbol. To work out your win amount, you’ll multiply your bet per line by 10 – this amount will be awarded for every germ in a row. For example, if you were to land 3 yellow germs in a row and your bet per line was 10c, you’d win $3 (10c multiplied by 10 x 3 germs).

The spiky green germ is the next highest paying and has a win multiplier of x2. The blue germ is perhaps the strangest looking of all. As well as two ‘normal’ looking eyes, there are several other eyes appearing all over the place. The germ also has a gaping mouth with pointed teeth. Certainly not the type of germ you want to meet on a dark night! This germ pays 1x. The manic looking red germ pays 0.6x and is joined by the rock-like orange germ with a win of 0.2x.

Every win sees all the winning germs disappear and be replaced by the germs from above. New germs also appear from the top of the screen. Each subsequent win due to the rolling reels variation comes at no extra cost.

Zap the Germs with Pills

Some of the germs on the reels come equipped with a pill capsule. After all the winning germs have been extinguished, you’ll hope there are 3 pills on the reels. This will mean entry into the mini feature of the game. You’ll now choose one of the germ types on the reels and all of these will be extinguished. This can lead to a nice additional series of wins. You can even re-trigger this feature if three pill capsules remain at the end.

Lively and Humorous Design

This MicroGaming design is sure to place a smile on your face. Each of the five gems has a brilliant, humorous design. This is only enhanced by the fun animations that take place throughout play, whether you win or not. The game is obviously highly colourful throughout, with the five gems standing out nicely against the purple backdrop. Occasionally the germs will make noises such as a sneeze too, while there is a delightful squelching sound every time you hit ‘play’. And just wait till you hear those germs explode.

Hot or Catch a Cold? Germinator Overview

Germinator is a fun game which will grab you from the very start. The 6×6 grid and the ‘reels’ spinning horizontally certainly set the game apart from any other. The fun and entertaining visuals also add much enjoyment to the game. The game play itself makes for an interesting experience too. Wins seem to come from left, right and centre and the rolling reels ensure they just keep coming. Throw in the mini feature and you have a game that just keeps giving. This slot will especially appeal to those who like their games with a certain quirkiness.

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