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Some Gladiators used their strength for glory, but there is little doubt that the Gladiator at the centre of this slot uses it for monetary gain. This man’s poison is clearly gold, as he wears a golden headband, gold bands around his arms and even has a golden sash. You wouldn’t want to fight with him though, as he holds a long sword and looks like he is open to using it.

The game itself is a very straightforward one. While the Gladiator stands beneath the reels, he doesn’t appear in it – he’s more than happy to just watch the coins roll in. Line up matching symbols on the three reels and you’ll win. With no wilds or features, this is as simple as slot gaming can be.

Golden Game – How Gladiator’s Gold Works

Gladiator’s Gold is a three-reel slot with three win-lines. The first of the win lines is the horizontal across the middle of the reels. Line two is the horizontal across the top of the reels. The final, line three is the horizontal across the bottom of the reels.

Players have a couple of choices to make before their first spin. First, the coin value must be set, and this can be changed using the small plus and minus buttons on the control panel. Players must also choose the number of win lines, between one and all three. Strangely, all of the symbols on the reels are those classic symbols associated with slots of old, without a gladiator in sight. Here you’ll find both the sevens and the bars.

Red Sevens have the Biggest Prize

The most important symbol in the game is the red seven as it acts as the highest paying. When it comes to these pay outs, no other symbol even comes close. In a nice twist from the norm, the win amount varies based upon which of the three win-lines you land these red sevens on. Land three in a row on win line number one and you’ll pick up 1,000 coins. Four figure pay-outs are not to be sniffed at, but these wins increase quickly. Three red sevens in a row on win line doubles the win amount to 2,000 coins. Land them on reel three and the win amount doubles again to an eye-catching 4,000 coins.

These win amounts are interesting as they should have an effect on your strategy when playing. You can see that the pay-out for the red sevens when playing 3 coins is double that when playing 2 coins. This leads to the conclusion that playing all 3 coins is certainly the way to go.

Other Winning Symbols

The next highest paying symbol is a golden seven. Land these in a row on any of the three win-lines and you’ll win 150 coins. Land a combination of the red and gold sevens on any win line and 75 coins will be heading your way.

The symbols are completed by the bars. As is usually the case, these come in triple, double and single form, although a slight change sees them given a golden edging. The triple bar is the highest paying of the three, worth 50 coins for the win. The double bars pay out 20 coins, while the single bars are worth 10 coins. You’ll also land a small win of 5 coins if landing a combination of the three bar symbols on a win line.

Inside the Arena – Gladiator’s Gold Design

Upon entering the slot, your eyes can’t help but be drawn to the gladiator. This gladiator doesn’t play any role in the game, but he is doing a fine job of keeping guard. Behind the gladiator you’ll see stone pillars and the white stone of the coliseum. The reels themselves have a real classic feel. They have the traditional white backing and the sevens and the bars have played a role in slot gaming for many years. The game features no animation, but this would look slightly out of place on these classic reels.

Will Gladiator’s Gold Bring You Victory in the Arena?

Gladiator’s Gold is a slot which will appeal to those who like their slot gaming straightforward. This is a simple three-reel game, with no features or wilds whatsoever. This makes for a game with a nice pace and little in the way of distractions. The win amounts for the red sevens will make you sit up too. The fact that these increase as you move through the win lines is a good, slightly unique touch. The gladiator might be here as just window dressing, but it’s always good to get your hands on some of his gold.





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