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Goblins are usually nasty little creatures, but you might grow to love these little green fellows, especially when you line them up in a row. The goblins on the reels of this slot do look a lot like the “Gremlins” from the 1980’s movie. These creatures started out as cute and cuddly ‘mogwais’ but transformed into the devilish gremlins mid film.

The slot is a relatively straightforward one with just three reels and to win you’ll need to match three symbols in a row. The goblins / gremlins are the most important symbols in the game, offering up large pay-outs and extra wins. Joining the goblins are a bag of gold, a lamp and a series of classic bar symbols.

Creature Comforts – How Goblin’s Gold Works

Goblin’s Gold is a simple three-reel slot. The game has three win-lines in total. Win line number one is the horizontal across the middle of the reels. The second win line is the horizontal across the top and the third and final win line is the horizontal across the bottom. It may seem strange to point out the win lines in such detail, but these play a major role in the game.

Before hitting ‘spin’, players will set both the coin value and the number of win lines. The coin value is set using the small ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ found to the left of the control panel. To increase the number of lines, players can click on ‘Bet One’ or simply click ‘Bet Max’ to set the reels in motion while playing all 3 lines.

The highest paying standard symbol in the game is a pouch of gold. Land these three times in a row on any of three win-lines and you’ll pick up 500 coins. Next on the pay table are the golden lamps, which have a win amount of 300 coins.

The final standard symbols are the collection of bars. As is usual, you’ll find triple, double and single bars, although these are of a yellow colour, slightly different to the more traditional black and white. Land three triple bars in a row and you’ll win 100 coins. The win amount halves to 50 coins for three double bars and halves again to 25 coins for the single bars. A combination of any bar symbols will pay a small consolation prize of 5 coins.

Wild Goblins Bring Extra Wins

The Goblin symbol acts as the wild and will substitute for any other symbol. This makes wins with other symbols more likely and can be a nice boost to your bankroll.

The goblin is also easily the highest paying symbol in the game. Interestingly, the pay-out for this symbol changes based upon which of the win lines they line up on. Land three goblins on line one and you’ll win 1,500 coins. This win amount doubles again to an impressive 3,000 coins if winning on line two. Matching the three goblins on line three gives you the biggest win of all – a huge 6,000 coins.

Looking at the pay outs for the goblin symbol, it soon becomes clear that you should aim to be playing all three win-lines. This is the only way you can win the maximum prize. From a statistical point of view too, the odds are more in your favour when playing all 3 lines. It’s a better idea to play 3 win-lines for a smaller stake, than to play 1 win-line for a higher stake.

Inside the Cave – Goblin’s Gold Design

Whereas the original Gremlins film took part in the fictional town of Kingston Falls these goblins are cave dwellers. This brown and murky cave forms the backdrop to the reels and gives the slot a good, dark feel. The goblins are the standout symbols in the game, their evil eyes looking out from the reels in a menacing but cheeky style. While the visuals are overall a little basic, these evil goblins do add a nice character to the game.

Summing Up: Should You Seek Out the Gold?

This MicroGaming designed slot couldn’t be more straightforward in its gameplay. With three reels and three win-lines, it doesn’t get any simpler. While this may not appeal to all, there are an army of players who this slot will suit down to the ground. The game play is quick and there are little or no interruptions. The Goblins give the game an added dimension and you’ll be delighted if three of these appear in a row. Just make sure you line them up on the third win line.

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