Gold Coast Slot Review

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Imagine a land with beautiful golden sunsets, a palm tree filled beach and copious amounts of gold coins washing up on the shore. This is what you have in Gold Coast. This game is a straightforward three-reel slot where the focus is on the big wins. On the reels are a combination of themed symbols and those classic symbols from slots of old.

The most important symbol in the game is the logo symbol, which acts as the wild. This also offers the biggest wins in the game and interestingly there are five different amounts to be won.

How Gold Coast Slot Works: Setup and Wins

Gold Coast is a standard three-reel slot with a total of 5 win-lines. Win lines 1, 2 and 3 are the middle, upper and lower horizontals respectively. Win line 4 is the diagonal from top right to bottom left, while win line 5 is the opposite diagonal.

Having loaded the game, players will choose both the coin value and the number of lines in play. The coin value ranges from just $0.25 all the way through to $20. To set the coin value you’ll use the small ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons found beneath the reels. To set the number of coins (which relates to the number of lines) there are two options. First, players can increase the number of lines by 1 by using the ‘Bet One’ button. To automatically spin the reels with all 5 win-lines, players can click on ‘Bet Max’. The ‘Spin’ button will set the reels in motion at the selected number of lines.

Standard Winning Symbols

Of the standard symbols, the golden sevens are the highest paying. Land three of these in a row on a chosen win line and you’ll pick up 300 coins. Next on the pay table are the classic bars, which come in triple, double and single form. Three triple bars in a row pay 100 coins, double the 50-coin pay out for the double bars. Hitting three single bars pays 20. As an added bonus, land a combination of the three bar symbols and you’ll pick up 4 coins.

The final standard symbol is an attractive red flower. This has a win amount of 10 coins should you land three in a row. Land just two on a win line and you win a small 2-coin pay out, while a single flower pays a single coin. This takes the same role as cherries in many traditional slot games.

Gold Coast Logo Wilds

The dominant symbol in the game is clearly the logo symbol. This acts as the wild and will substitute for any other symbol. Being a substitute, it will enable many more wins with the other symbols.

This logo is also the highest paying symbol in the game and it’s not even a close contest.

Interestingly, you’ll win a different amount based upon which win line you hit the win on. Three title symbols in a row on win line one will pay 1,000 coins. This increases by 1,000 coins for each successive win line up to number four (offering a 4,000-coin win). A win on the fifth and final win line sees a jump in the pay out to an eye-catching 6,000 coins.

Looking at the pay outs, it seems clear that the prizes increase as you play more lines. Therefore, you should certainly aim to be playing more coins to ensure you are getting the maximum possible return.

On Golden Sand – Gold Coast Slot Design

When you first set eyes on the game your eyes will be drawn immediately to the image of the ‘Gold Coast’ beneath the reels. Here the title looms large over the scene, while the golden coins glow as much as the beautiful sunset. Boats bob along the sea as you look out towards the horizon. The reels themselves have the classic look, but have been given a slight golden glow as opposed to the more usual white colouring. Being a 3-reel slot, you’ll find all the information on the main screen. This can make it feel a little crowded, but it does save you from heading to a second screen.

Gold, Silver or Bronze? Gold Coast Overview

Gold Coast is a slot which will hold much appeal for fans of 3-reel slots. The game centres around the logo symbol and you’ll certainly be happy to see this filling the reels. With the large wins and the wild property, this symbol is a sure-fire winner. While the visuals might not blow you away, the game is a solid and straightforward one, where interruptions never get in the way.

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