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Golden Dragon is a three-reel slot brought to you by the developers at MicroGaming. The dragon in question spends all of his time sitting in and around the gold coins he has horded, possibly giving him that golden sheen of his. Joining the dragon on the reels is a shield-shaped emblem containing a pair of swords. This belongs to the brave knight whose aim it is to slay the dragon.

This game is a very straightforward one with just five win-lines. However, what sets this game apart are the huge pay-outs that can head your way when you line up those golden dragons in a row. Being the wild symbol too, you’ll certainly want that dragon all over the reels.

Guarding the Gold – How the Golden Dragon Slot Works

Golden Dragon has three reels and a total of 5 win-lines. Win-line 1 is the horizontal is across the centre of the reels, while lines 2 and 3 are the upper and lower horizontals. Win-line 4 is the diagonal from top left to bottom right, while the final win-line is the opposite diagonal. The position of these diagonals becomes important when it comes to the dragon symbol.

Before hitting spin, players will choose both the coin value and the number of lines. The coin value can be changed using the small ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons on the left-hand side of the control panel. The number of lines can be changed using the ‘Bet One’ button, or simply hit ‘Bet Max’ to spin playing all 5 lines.

Winning Standard Symbols

The highest paying standard symbol in the game is the shield emblem. Land three of these symbols in a row and you’ll pick up a win of 80 coins.

Next on the pay table are the classic bar symbols. These have been given something of a medieval makeover, as they are carved in wood, now brown as opposed to the usual black and white. The bars come in triple, double and single form. The triple bars are the highest paying, worth 60 coins. Land three double bars and you’ll win 40 coins. The single bars are the lowest paying, worth 10 coins. As a bonus payment, you’ll win 4 coins when you land a combination of the wooden bar symbols.

Wild Dragon Substitutes

The golden dragon is the wild symbol and will substitute for any other in the game, making wins with other symbols more likely. This symbol is also the highest paying in the game – the win amounts offered much higher than any other. Interestingly, the amount you win will differ based on which line you land that win on. A win on line one is worth 1,000 coins, but the pay-outs rise quickly. Wins on lines 2, 3 and 4 pay out 1,500, 2,000 and 2,500 coins respectively. The pay-out for line five jumps quickly to an impressive 5,000 coins.

These increasing pay-outs for the dragon symbol add a level of strategy to the game. You’ll certainly want to be playing all 5 win-lines, else you’re missing out on those biggest winning opportunities. Statistically speaking, the odds are more in your favour when playing all 5 lines too. Therefore, it’s a better idea to play all 5 lines with a lower stake than playing a single line with a higher stake.

The Dragon’s Lair – Golden Dragon Design

The standout aspect of the design is the golden dragon himself. As well as appearing on the reels, a much larger version sits below the reels. This sly looking creature has a long golden neck and its wings peek up from the pile of gold coins he is wallowing in. Every time you land a win the dragon bares its teeth and smoke blows from his nostrils. The cave he sits in fills the whole screen, although you’ll have to get past the dragon to reach its depths. Being a 3-reel slot, all the info you need is right there on the screen, including the pay table. The reels have a classic feel, with the white curved backing.

Should You Try to Win the Dragon’s Gold?

Golden Dragon is a very enjoyable three-reel slot. While these games are not for everyone, a good three-reel slot appeals to many and this MicroGaming design fits the bill. The game centres around the dragon himself. Acting as the wild it will bring many additional wins. However, the win amounts on offer are what really sets this symbol apart. The max win of 5,000 coins is eye-catching indeed and a win you’ll certainly be striving for.

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