Grand 7’s Slot Review

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Grand 7’s is a 3-reel slot designed by MicroGaming. The game features a host of classic symbols including different coloured 7s, the bar symbols and the good old cherries. In fact, with the white-backed reels, this game couldn’t be any more classic if it tried. The only surprise is the missing pull handle found on a one-armed bandit.

The game has no features to speak of, not even in the form of a wild symbol. What it does have are some very good pay-outs and the opportunity for some smaller unexpected bonus wins. There is also an element of strategy to be deployed when setting the coin value.

Traditional Gaming – How the Grand 7s Slot Works

The gameplay couldn’t be any more straightforward at this 3-reel slot. You have a single win line and the aim is to line up three symbols in a row on it. Before you hit spin, you’ll have a couple of decisions to make. First, you’ll set the coin value using the small ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons found on the control panel. Your second decision is to set the number of coins, ranging between 1 and 3.

Occasionally the symbols on a reel won’t line up on the win line, appearing both above and below it. These ‘blanks’ will put paid to wins, however less winning spins has the advantage of making the pay-outs larger when they do come along.

The highest paying symbol in the game is the red seven. Land these three times in a row and you’ll win 500 coins if playing for 1 coin. This rises to 1,000 coins when playing for 2 coins. Play for 3 coins however and the win amount jumps to 2,500 coins. Due to this jump your strategy should certainly be to play all 3 coins. This gives you the best possible odds when playing. When setting your stake, it’s better to play 3 coins with a lower coin value than 1 coin with a higher coin value. The rest of the win amounts listed below assume you are playing all 3 coins.

The blue sevens are next on the pay table and these give up a win amount of 240 coins. A combination of the red and blue sevens offer a win of 120 coins.

The bar symbols are next on the pay table and as usual they come in triple, double and single form. The triple bars pay 90 coins, the doubles pay 60 coins and the single bars pay 30 coins. A combination of the bar symbols also pays – this time 15 coins.

The final symbol on the reels is the cherry. As usual, this is the lowest paying symbol in the game, but it does have hidden advantages. Land three cherries in a row and you have a standard win of 30 coins. Land two cherries anywhere on the win line and the first bonus pay out of 15 coins is yours. Just a single cherry on the win line also pays, this time 6 coins. This 6-coin win might seem insignificant, but it is effectively the cost of 2 spins. Therefore, every time a cherry lands, that spin is paid for and it’s worth a free spin effectively. All of these ‘free spins’ will land you a big win at some point.

Fruit Machine – Grand 7’s Design

While this slot is as traditional as you can get, the design is sleek and colourful. The entire game plays out on just a single screen, with the reels in the top left, the pay table down the right and the control panel at the bottom. This has been achieved without the slot looking too busy and they’ve even added a title beneath the reels too. The symbols themselves look much like they would at any time in the last 50 years, this slot giving a real nod to the history of slot gaming. Throughout your play you’ll hear a variety of casino noises, adding a nice atmosphere to the slot.

Three Reel Fun – Grand 7’s Overview

In terms of gameplay, this slot couldn’t be any more straightforward. The game takes you back to a time where you simply lined symbols up in a row – no features, no wild, no free spins. While some might find this too basic, others will find it appealing. The game is uncomplicated and quick. Grand 7’s has an advantage too, in the fact that the pay-outs can be both large and frequent. Overall Grand 7’s is simple but enjoyable.

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