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Happy New Year is a 3-reel slot based on the end of year celebrations in China. On the reels you have a selection of firecrackers and paper lanterns lighting up the festivities. The key symbol in the game is what is assumed to be the Chinese translation of ‘Happy New Year’.

The game itself is something of a basic one featuring just 5 win-lines and nothing in the way of features. This makes for fast gameplay with little or no interruption. What you do have are some very impressive win amounts and a wild symbol which goes much further than others. Read on to find out more.

How the Happy New Year Slot Works

This MicroGaming designed traditional game plays out on three reels with a total of 5 win-lines. Win lines 1, 2 and 3 are the horizontal across the middle, the top and the bottom respectively. Win line 4 is the diagonal from top right to bottom left. Win line 5 is the diagonal from bottom left to top right.

Options for the player are the coin value and the number of lines in play. The coin value is set using the small ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to the left of the control panel. The number of coins/lines in set using the ‘Bet One’ button.

Top Winning Symbol and Wild

The most important symbol in the game is the Chinese ‘Happy New Year’ lettering. The prize amount for this varies based on which of the win lines the symbols line up on. Land three in a row on win line one and you’ll pick up 1,000 coins. Win lines 2, 3 and 4 see this pay-out increase 200 coins at a time to 1,200, 1,400 and 1,600 coins respectively. Win line 5 sees a big jump to 2,400 coins.

This steep jump in pay out on win line 5 means that you’ll expect an overall bigger return if playing all 5 win-lines. This is certainly the recommended way to play the game. It’s a better option to play all 5 lines for a small coin value, than just one win-line for a higher coin value.

As well as being the highest paying symbol in the game, the Chinese lettering also acts as the wild. This will now substitute for all other symbols. When landing a win with a single wild, your win amount will be multiplied by 2 – always a nice boost. Land a win where two wild symbols are substituting, and the win amount will be multiplied by 4.

Regular Winning Symbols

The lower paying symbols start with the lanterns. Three lanterns in a row pays 160 coins. The final symbols are all firecrackers, just in different colours. The red firecrackers pay out 80 coins when landing 3 in a row. This win amount is halved to 40 coins when lining up three yellow firecrackers. The green firecrackers must be the cheapest in the box as these only have a win amount of 10 coins. You’ll also receive a bonus win of 5 coins if you land a combination of the firecrackers on the reels. This happens regularly, and the 5-coin pay-out is the equivalent of a free spin if you do indeed play all 5 win-lines.

Fireworks and Lanterns Slot Design

If you enjoy colourful slots, Happy New Year might just be the game for you. The backdrop to the game shows a sky which is completely lit up by exploding fireworks. This gives the scene a nice red glow, while small stars light shimmer in the sky. The reels have a black background, ensuring that the coloured firecrackers stand out, while the lettering of the major symbol has a bright gold edging.

Being a 3-reel slot, all of the information you’ll need to play the game is right there on the screen. Down the right-hand side, you’ll find all of the pay-outs, while the control panel is at the bottom of the screen. The rest of the screen is taken up by the reels themselves and the impressive title.

Celebration Time? Happy New Year Slot Overview

Happy New Year is an enjoyable three-reel slot which can be played at any time of year, but will have special significance at festive times. The game is very straightforward and this will appeal to many players. There are no distractions and the slot is a fast paced one. The focus of the game is all about one symbol – the Chinese lettering. This is the both the highest paying and the wild symbol. A spin where the lettering fills the reels is sure to be a good one.

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