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Take one look at the title of this MicroGaming designed slot and you might think you’ll be banging along to the sounds of Metallica or Iron Maiden. However, this game is nothing of the sort. Instead, the ‘heavy metal’ refers to bullets and guns. This slot centres around a green-haired female assassin, who will stop at nothing to ensure those big wins.

The game itself is something of a straightforward one. It features three reels and the same number of win lines. Match three symbols in a row and you’ll find yourself with a win. Land the assassin three times in a row and the win amount can escalate based on the win line.

Under Fire – How the Heavy Metal Slot Works

Heavy Metal plays out as a classic three-reel slot. There are three win-lines across the reels. Win line one is the horizontal across the centre. Win line two is the horizontal across the top. Win line three is the horizontal across the bottom. The position of the win lines is all-important when it comes to the biggest wins in the game, offered by the assassin.

Before hitting spin, players can choose both the coin value and the number of lines in play. The coin value ranges from 25c through to $25. This can be changed using the small ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons found on the control panel beneath the reels. To change the number of win lines, simply click the ‘Bet One’ button, which will toggle between 1, 2 and 3 lines. Clicking ‘Bet Max’ will automatically spin the reels with 3 lines in play. The ‘Spin’ button sets the reels in motion at the current chosen number of lines.

Assassin Symbols Pay Best

The assassin is the highest paying symbol in the game and it’s not even close. Land three assassins in a row on win line one and you’ll pick up an impressive 1,000 coins. Land the same win on win line two however and this doubles to 2,000 coins. Match those three assassins on win line three and an incredible 4,000 coins are yours. Some might be scared to face the assassin, but you’ll certainly be pleased to see her.

These pay-outs do add an element of strategy to the game. If you only play one, the max prize you can win is only 1,000 coins, but this rises to 4,000 coins when playing all three lines. As such, playing all three lines is the recommended way to go – both in terms of players odds and excitement.

Regular Wins

Next on the pay table are the grey sevens, these with a red and white ‘hazard’ strip across the bottom. Land three of these in a row on a win line and you’ll win 150 coins. Land a combination of these sevens alongside the assassin and a bonus win of 75 coins is yours.

The final symbols in the game are the bars. These have been given a makeover and each appears in the form of a silver bullet. As usual, the bars come in triple, double and single form. Land three triple bars in a row and 50 coins are yours. Three double bars pay 20 coins and the single bars pay 10 coins. A combination of any three bar symbols pays a bonus win of 5 coins.

Cold Steel – Heavy Metal Design

The standout feature of the design is the full-size image of the assassin beneath the reels. The attractive, green haired lady stands next to the bold title and points a weapon out at you. She is dressed in a shiny, black outfit and holds a firearm in her other hand too. The background to the game is an effective metal grey, giving the game a futuristic feel overall.

The white coloured reels are found at the top left of the screen, while the pay table fills the right-hand side of the screen. The control panel fills the bottom portion.

Mission Complete – Heavy Metal Slot Overview

Heavy Metal is an enjoyable three-reel slot from MicroGaming which breaks away from the usual winning symbols. The real delight of this assassin themed slot is in its simplicity. You have no features to contend with, no bonus symbols and not even a wild. While this might not appeal to all, many players will find it ideal. The gameplay is quick and easy and there is no referring to a second screen to go through a myriad of win line combinations. The graphics add to the overall experience too. It’s not every day that you’ll have a weapon pointed at you by a green-haired lady and enjoy it!

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