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Hexaline is a slot which is strikingly different from regular online slot games. In fact, to even call it a slot might be stretching it, as this game features no reels. What it does feature is an original concept and engaging gameplay. The game is played out on a grid of five columns, all interlocking due to the ‘hexes’ which fall into place.

On the grid you’ll find hexagons of various colours and your aim is to stretch a line of matching colours from left to right across the grid. Along the way you’ll find wild symbols to help you on your way. Land three bonus hexagons and you’ll enter a bonus feature, where you take full control of the action.

Unusual Hexaline Slot Gameplay

To start the game in motion you’ll simply set your initial stake and then hit play. The game starts with eighteen empty slots on the grid, before the different coloured ‘hexes’ fall into place. Your aim is to have a connected line of matching hexes from one side of the grid to the other. The highest paying hex of all is the blue one, which pays 80% of your total stake. The red pays 50%. The smaller paying hexes are the yellow, green and purple which pay 20%, 10% and 10% respectively.

These pay-out amounts might seem on the smaller side at first, though you’ll quickly realise how quickly these wins can add up. First, you can quite easily have multiple wins during any spin. Each slot in the grid fills independently of any other (unlike your standard slot reels), meaning the whole grid could be filled with the same colour. This can make for a huge number of wins with just one play.

This slot also employs the cascading wins format. Every time you win, the winning hexes will now disappear and those from above will now fall into their place. Now the grid will be re-evaluated and further wins will be paid at no extra cost. This will continue until there are no more wins to be had.

Joining the coloured hexes are wilds. These wild hexes will substitute for any other type, ensuring additional wins come your way. A single wild could lead to a series of cascading wins, making this symbol real valuable. If you manage to land wilds from left to right across the whole of the grid and you’ll win 1.5x your stake – the biggest win in the game.

Hexaline Slot Picks Bonus Feature

Occasionally, either the coloured or wild hexes will also be bonus symbols, showing the word ‘bonus’ in the centre. If you can land three or more of these symbols, you’ll gain entry into the picks bonus feature. You’ll now be presented with a grid full of yellow hexes. You’ll start by picking one of the hexes in the left-hand column. Your aim is once again to make it to the other side of the grid. Your pick will now hopefully show an arrow which will progress you to the next column.

Along the way you’ll encounter arrows facing in both left and right directions – hopefully more right than left! The symbol you’ll want to avoid is the red ‘X’ which will end the round. Every pick you make will win you a cash amount, with the prizes shown in the columns on the right-hand side of the screen. The best moment in the feature comes when you uncover a star, awarding you the maximum win of 40x your stake.

Futuristic 3D Game Design

Hexaline is played out on a screen with a distinctly futuristic feel. Behind the grid you have a honeycomb pattern in a dark blue against a black background. The grid itself is in 3D and the animation when the hexes fall into place is simply excellent. Accompanying the game is an ambient soundtrack which is entirely fitting to the high-tech feel of the slot. This MicroGaming designed game is unlike any slot you will have come across before!

A Hexagonal Peg in a Round Hole, or the Future of Slots?

Hexaline is a slot which will certainly appeal to those who like their gaming unique. This is unlike any other game you’ll find in an online casino. The gameplay is fantastic however and the same can be said about the visuals. The cascading wins ensure that the pay outs can be impressive, even if the starting point seems on the small side. The bonus feature is excellent too, played out on the same grid, but with a very different feel to base game.

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