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Three-reel slots are often known for their simplicity and the straightforward gameplay. High Five however, is a little different, as this game offers extra excitement during every spin. At first look, you might think it plays like any other 3-reel game. You have many classic symbols set against the familiar white reels. But one glance at the pay table will tell you a very different story.

The standout feature of this game comes with the wild multipliers. Land a win with a single wild and your pay-out will be impressive. Land a win with two and it goes through the roof. Land the biggest win in the game and you’ll be high fiving everyone you meet.

The Basics: How the High Five Slot Works

When it comes to the setup High Five will be very familiar to fans of traditional 3-reel slots. Within the game you have a single win line and in the most part you’ll need to line up three matching symbols on that line. This game does feature blanks. This is where symbols appear both above and below the win line but not on it. This means that those wins will be more spaced out, but also leads to the big rewards available when you do win.

Heading over to the pay table will tell you the real story of this game. The main focus is on the logo symbol. First, this is by far the highest paying symbol in the game. The pay-outs differ based upon whether you are playing for 1, 2 or 3 coins. Playing for a single coin gives you a win of 2,000 coins if you land 3 title symbols in a row. Playing for 2 coins wins you 5,000 coins. Playing for the maximum 3 coins wins you an incredible 15,000 coins. A quick math calculation shows you that playing for the max 3 coins is certainly recommended. All future pay-outs listed will therefore assume you are playing all 3 coins.

Wild Multipliers Work Together

As well as the huge pay-outs, there is another bonus with the title symbol. It acts as the wild. This wild will substitute for any other symbol in the game. Land a win with just a single wild and you’ll find a very welcome 5x multiplier in place. Many other 3-reel slots simply double the wild wins, but this slot goes much further. However, it gets much better than that. Land a win with a pair of wild symbols in it and the multiplier increases to an incredible 25x.

The rest of the pay-outs are on the smaller side, but remember they could quickly grow. The red sevens pay 180 coins, while the blue sevens pay 120 coins. A combination of three sevens on the reels pays a bonus 120 coins. Next come the bar symbols. The triple bar is worth 90 coins, the double bar pays 60 coins and the single bar is worth 30 coins. A combination of three bar symbols also offers a smaller win – this time 15 coins.

The final symbol on the reels is the cherry. Three cherries in a row pays 30 coins. However, you do have an added bonus with this symbol. Land a pair of cherries on the win line and you’ll pick up 15 coins. Land just a single cherry and you’ll win 6 coins – a small win, but the equivalent of a couple of free spins!

Classic Design with Bright Surround

If you could literally zone in on the reels themselves, this game would have a real classic feel. You have the white, curved reels and a whole host of classic symbols. In fact, you can’t get any more traditional than the sevens, the bars and the cherries. However, zoom out a little and the whole view is one of action and colour. The title of the symbol is in bright purples, blues and oranges and this dominates the scene. In fact, you might have to resort to sunglasses when playing. This gives the game a more dramatic and exciting feel.

Does the High Five Slot Score Ten Out of Ten?

While three-reel slots are not usually as wide ranging as their 5-reel cousins, High Five gives them a run for their money. Yes, the game is all about one symbol, but what a symbol it is. With a 15,000 coin win available, the excitement levels are there from the start. Throw in the 5x and then the 25x multipliers and literally any spin could make for an amazing pay day. Fans of 3 reel slots will have this slot very high on their list.

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