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A ‘Jack in the Box’ has always been a much-loved children’s toy, although in recent years has faced stiff competition from high-tech alternatives. The jack in the box in this game features a Jester. This character looks a little shocked. Although, wouldn’t you, if you were stuck in a dark box and then suddenly propelled into the light!

Alongside the traditional toy you’ll find a bunch of classic symbols, including sevens (with a toy twist), colourful bars and the cherry. Jack the Jester offers a huge pay out, while also acting as the wild too – you’ll learn to love this little fellow.

Spring Has Sprung – How Jack in the Box Works

There aren’t many games online as straightforward as this one. You have a simple three reels and just a single win line. To win, mostly you’ll just need to land three matching symbols on the win line, although there are a couple of bonuses thrown in for good measure.

Before you play you’ll choose the coin value and the number of coins. The coin value ranges between 25c and $50 and this can be set using the small plus and minus buttons on the control panel. Players can play either 1 or 2 coins. As you read on, you’ll realise 2 coins is certainly the way to go.

As you might expect, the Jack in the Box symbol pays higher than any other. Land this symbol three times in a row and you’ll win 2,000 coins if playing for a single coin. The same win playing for 2 coins gives a win of 5,000 coins. A simple equation therefore tells you why playing for both coins is the recommended strategy.

Jesters are Also Wilds

Jack the Jester also acts as the wild symbol in the game. He will therefore substitute for every other symbol in the game. However, this is no usual wild. If you win where the wild substitutes once, you’ll benefit to a 2x multiplier. Things get even better when you land a win with two wilds. You’ll now find your win amount multiplied by four.

The second highest paying symbol in the game is the seven. This comes in the form of a very colourful toy cube, with a yellow seven on a blue background showing on the uppermost surface. If playing for 2 coins you’ll win 200 coins for three matching sevens (I’ll assume you are indeed playing both coins for the rest of the pay outs, because you should be!)

The bars are next on the pay table and as usual come in triple, double and single forms. There is a change from the norm however, as these are colourful too, instead of the black and white classic look. The triple, double and single bars pay 100, 60 and 30 coins respectively. Land a combination of the three bar symbols and you’ll win 10 coins.

The final symbol is the cherry. Three cherries in a row pays 20 coins. Land just a pair of cherries on a win line and you’ll pick up 6 coins and a single cherry pays 4 coins.

The Playroom – Jack in the Box Design

One of the best aspects of the design is that everything you need to play the game is on the one screen. You have the pay table to the right-hand side of the screen, while the control panel is at the bottom of the screen. The classic white reels spin in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Beneath the reels sits the logo showing an oversize image of the Jester. The word ‘Box’ in the title is made up of three different coloured squares, each in bold primary colours. The background to the game is made up of green diamonds, as you might find in a harlequin design.

Will the Jack in the Box Slot Trigger Some Surprise Wins for You?

Three-reel slots can certainly divide opinion. Players who are used to games with more reels, more features and more impressive graphics might take one look at Jack in the Box and wonder why you would play such a game. Players in the other camp point to 3-reel slots and see games which plays fast, offers big wins and rarely has any distraction. This game is an enjoyable one where the Jester lights up the reels. With the 5,000 coin win on offer and the wild multipliers, every spin could be a big one.

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