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The Jackpot Express is certainly a train you’ll be happy to board. Being an old-fashioned steam engine, this train will certainly appeal to the aficionados of this classic form of transport. However, it’s the carriage that the steam engine is pulling which will really catch your eye. It’s full to the brim with gold.

The carriage full of gold is the dominant symbol at this straightforward MicroGaming slot. It offers some large pay-outs and also acts as the wild symbol, with some added bonuses. With just 3 reels and five win-lines, this game plays as fast as the train.

The Age of Steam – How Jackpot Express Works

Jackpot Express plays out on three traditional looking white reels. The player has two choices to make. First, the coin value has to be set. This can be changed using the small ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons on the control panel at the bottom of the screen. Players can also choose the number of win lines in play – any number between 1 and 5. This can be changed using the ‘Bet One’ button, while

Line 1 is the horizontal across the middle of the reels. Win lines 2 and 3 are the upper and lower horizontals. The 4th win line is a diagonal from the top left to the bottom right, while the 5th and final win line is the mirror image of line 4.

Outsized Prize on Line 5

The layout of the win lines plays an important role when playing Jackpot Express. This is because the pay-outs for the high-paying symbol change depending on which win line you land them on. The carriage full of gold pays 1,000 coins when three in a row appear on win line one. This increases to 1,500 coins if you land the win on line 2. Lines 3 and 4 see the same 500-coin increase to 2,000 and 2,500 coins respectively. However, land three in a row on win line 5 and you’ll see a big jump in the pay out to 5,000 coins.

The varying prizes does add some strategy to the game. The big win on line 5 makes playing all 5 lines the recommended choice – the odds are more in your favour if you do so. It’s a better option to play all 5 lines with a lower coin value, than a single win line with a higher coin value.

Classic Slot Symbols

Joining the carriage on the reels are two classic symbols – the red sevens and the bars. Land three red sevens in a row and you’ll pick up a win of 80 coins. The bars come in triple, double and single form. Land three triple bars in a row and you’ll win 60 coins. The double bars pay 40 coins, while the single bars offer a win of 10 coins. A combination of the three bar symbols on a win line pays a bonus win of 4 coins.

The pay-out amounts for the sevens and the bars are very small in comparison to the wins offered up by the carriage full of gold. This shows you just how central the leading symbol is in the game – any win with the carriage making a huge difference to your bankroll.

Retro Express Train Theme

This MicroGaming designed slot plays out against the backdrop of a red screen. The classic looking reels sit in the top left-hand corner of the screen, these curved like any slot from the past. The addition of the red sevens and the bars only add to the traditional feel of the game.

The central image of the design is the large steam engine pulling the gold. The train chugs along on a purple surface, while a trail of steam flows over the top of the carriage. The carriage is piled high with gold – looks like a train robber’s delight to me.

Will the Jackpot Express Pull in With a Big Win?

Jackpot Express is a good example of an enjoyable 3-reel slot. This might be due to the fast pace of the game and the lack of interruptions. The appeal of Jackpot Express comes with the size of the wins for the leading carriage symbol. All of the five wins offer a four-figure pay out, with an impressive 5,000 coins yours for the biggest win. The age of steam might be long gone, but you can ensure it lives on for a while when you hit that spin button.

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