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Jason and the Golden Fleece is a popular tale in Greek Mythology. It tells the story of Jason’s quest to find the fleece of a gold haired winged ram, said to be a symbol of authority and kingship. Eventually, Jason and the Argonauts would acquire the fleece with the help of Medea, daughter of the King.

The game features symbols drawn in a cartoon style covering all aspects of the story. You have Jason, Medea, the Argonauts and many others on the reels. The bonus feature sees Jason take a journey across six different bonus rounds – finish them all and Jason will have achieved his aim.

Before you Start You Quest: Understanding How the Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot Works

This Greek Myths themed slot plays out on five reels. The game has a total of 25 win lines and pays from left to right. As you might expect, Jason himself is the highest paying symbol in the game. Land the maximum five in a row and you’ll win 2,000 coins. The beautiful Medea is next on the pay table, with a top win amount of 1,500 coins. Chiron, the centaur, pays 1,000 coins while a symbol showing the Argonauts pays 800. Other symbols include the Argo (the Argonaut’s ship) and a number of locations such as Colchis and Crete.

Wilds Multiply Your Wins

The wild symbol shows the title of the slot. This will substitute for any other symbol in the game apart from the scatter. Any time you land a win with this symbol, you’ll find a 2x multiplier in place. This ‘wild’ double up always makes for a nice boost. This isn’t the only boost available with this symbol however. Land three or more on any of the reels and you’ll land an immediate 10 free spins, each with a 3x multiplier in place. Usually, a symbol which doubles up as the wild and a scatter would be the key symbol in the game – but this one has strong competition!

Jason’s Journey Feature has 6 Variations

The second scatter symbol is the Golden Fleece itself. To activate the main feature of the game you’ll need this to appear three times or more (in the same way as the wild). You’ll now start the journey itself, moving through the following six features:

Iolcus Shield Bonus – You’ll be presented with a screen showing twelve shields. You’ll now pick six of the shields and each will reveal a credit amount. You can win up to 15,000 coins in this feature.

Mysia Harpy Bonus – You’ll aim to match four of the same elements to win. If you’re lucky you’ll reveal the hidden multiplier too. Win up to 12,500 coins.

Symplegades Shipwreck Bonus – This is a pick me round where you’ll choose an item. You can now decide whether you want to keep it or not. You can change your mind twice, but that’s it. Win up to 12,500 coins.

Crete Wheel Bonus – This is a ‘wheel of fortune’ style bonus round. Win up to 5 spins of the wheel, with a win guaranteed each time. Win up to 20,000 coins.

Sirenum Card Bonus – Guess whether playing cards are higher or lower than the last one. Turn over all 4 cards and you can win a ‘poker’ bonus. Win up to 37,000 coins.

Colchis Position Bonus – Choose potions to fix a powerful brew, while the dragon sleeps. The longer the dragon remains asleep, the more you’ll win. Win up to 19,000 coins.

Aboard the Argo: Classic Story-Themed Design

The backdrop to this impressively designed game shows the rippling sea as looking over the side of the Argo. This animated image catches the eye, while the blue sky with a smattering of cloud only enhances the scene.

Symbols are all housed in neat squares, the cartoon design effective and professional. The stand out symbol is Jason himself, especially when the symbol animates when you land a win. The game comes complete with a movie-style soundtrack, which only improves with the battle cries you hear when you land a win.

Will Jason’s Quest Bring You Ancient Treasures?

Head to any online casino and you’ll find a number of games with a similar ‘Greek Mythology’ theme. This slot stands out however. You have the impressive sound and graphics which draw you in from the start. Then you have the unique gameplay. It’s not often you’ll find a wild which also offers a free spins round. The ‘Jason’s Journey’ feature is excellent, offering more variety than you’ll find in most other slots.

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