Jewel Thief Slot

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This MicroGaming designed slot is based around the adventures of a thief. This guy is no ordinary thief however, as he only goes for the upper end of the market – bank safes. He is clearly successful at it too as you can see him walking away with a diamond as big as his torso.

Jewel Thief is a three-reel game where the title symbols plays the leading role. This symbol is the highest paying in the game and also acts as the wild. The game has a total of 3 win-lines and the biggest wins vary based upon which of the win lines you line those symbols up on.

Breaking the Bank – How the Jewel Thief Slot Works

Jewel Thief is a three-reel slot, featuring a matching number of win lines. Win line one is the horizontal across the centre of the reels. Win lines two and three are the upper and lower horizontals. Players can opt to play 1, 2 or 3 of the win lines, as well as choose the coin value. The coin value starts at 25c and ranges all the way up to $25.

The most important symbol in the game is clearly the title / logo symbol. First, this acts as the wild and will substitute for any other symbol on the reels, ensuring many additional wins. Second, this is the highest paying symbol by a long way.

This is where it gets interesting. Land three title symbols in a row on line one and you’ll win an impressive 1,500 coins. This win amount doubles to 3,000 coins if you land the win on line two. The biggest win of all is on line three, where you’ll win a huge 6,000 coins.

The pay outs for the title symbol make choosing the number of win lines an easy decision to make. With the biggest win only available if playing all 3 coins, this is the way to go. Statistically speaking, this will yield a better return too, so you should certainly be playing all 3 coins. It’s a more effective strategy to play all 3 win-lines for a smaller stake than it is to play a single win line with a higher stake.

Diamonds and Bars for Regular Wins

The next highest paying symbol in the game shows the thief moving off with the large diamond. This pays 500 coins. Then a close-up of a hand turning the dial on the lock of a safe pays 300 coins. This thief clearly knows what he is doing – no explosives and no team to help him, but he still walks away with the diamond.

The final symbols are the traditional slot bars. As is usually the case, these come in the form of triple, double and single bars. However, gone is the plain black and white look to be replaced by something altogether more colourful. The triple bars are in bright green and these pay 100 coins for matching three in a row. The double bars, in blue, offer up a win amount of 50 coins. The red, single bars pay out a prize of 25 coins. You’ll win a small consolation prize of 5 coins if you land a combination of any of the three bar symbols.

Inside the Vault – Jewel Thief Design

Jewel Thief is a fun looking slot from MicroGaming. The title in the middle of the screen shows the beaming thief with the large diamond, leaving a trail of smaller gems behind. The word ‘Thief’ is in big gold lettering too, so there is little doubt that this light-fingered character is doing ok for himself. The reels sit above this title and have a classic feel, with the white backing and the curvature. The presence of the bar symbols only adds to this classic feel. The pay table is listed down the right-hand side of the screen, telling you everything you need to know about the game. The game is strangely accompanied by the sound of crickets – I guess to show you that this bank raid is taking place at night.

Should You Try to Pull Off the Big Heist?

Jewel Thief is an entertaining three-reel slot from MicroGaming. The game will raise a smile the moment you enter it, especially when you clap eyes on the thief himself. The diamond is huge and you can only hope that he’ll go ahead and share some of his ‘prize’ with you. The differing leading pay outs add a nice level of excitement and strategy to the game. Any time a 6,000-coin win is on the table makes for added buzz too. Give it a spin – you might get away with it.


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