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When entering Joker 8000 you’ll find yourself looking at a game which is designed to mimic a physical machine – complete with angles and light effects. The only difference is that you’ll click with your mouse on buttons instead of using your hands. This game has an uncanny resemblance to games by rival slot software house Novomatic.

The format of the game seems straightforward at first. There are three reels and five win-lines. Wins are simply paid out for hitting three symbols in a row, with no wilds at all. However, when you do land a win, you have an opportunity to play from the ‘SuperMeter’. This twist in the game can win you up 8000 coins.

Three Reel Fun – How Joker 8000 Slots

Joker 8000 plays out on three reels. There are five win-lines in total – three horizontals and two diagonals. To win you’ll simply need to land three matching symbols on one of the five win-lines. There are no symbols which pay out for 1 or 2 in a row and no wilds too. The base game wins are as straightforward as you can get.

To control the action, you’ll use the push buttons on the control panel. The ‘Change Win Lines’ button allows you to choose between 1 and 5 lines to play. You can also change your stake using the smaller plus and minus buttons. The lowest coin value is 10c and goes all the way up to $10.

The action on the reels shows that all of the symbols are stacked. This means it is entirely possible for all 9 symbols on show to be the same, ensuring that all 5 win-lines pay out.

As you might expect from the title of the slot, the joker is the most important symbol in the game. You may also have worked out that it has a top prize of an impressive 8,000 coins, although this is only the case if playing all 5 win-lines. The prize for playing 1, 2, 3 or 4 lines are 500, 1,000, 1,500 and 2,000 coins, so it certainly pays to be playing all 5.

Next on the pay table is the crown symbol which is worth 100 coins. The single bars and the melons are next and the pays for these are 80 and 50 coins respectively. The lemon pays 30 coins and bringing up the rear is the good old cherry worth 20 coins.

50 / 50 Gamble After You Win

Whenever you land a win you can take a gamble. On the screen are red and black aces which flash alternately. Hit the corresponding ‘card’ button on the control panel and then hope your chosen colour is the one which lights up. If you win your gamble, your win amount is doubled. Get it wrong and your win is no more.

Joker 8000 SuperMeter Feature

After any win, including gamble wins, your win amount will be transferred to the SuperMeter. You can immediately ignore this and collect your winnings as usual. However, this offers some big winning opportunities. The pay outs are exactly the same as in the base game, except for one bonus payment. Whenever you land two or more jokers on the reels you’ll win a random prize. The prize amount is between 20 and 8,000 coins, certainly adding another level of excitement to the game. You can cash out your SuperMeter winnings at any time.

True Slot Experience with Older Design

The design of this game clearly intended to mimic sitting in front of a physical slot. The reels are of the classic curved white variety and many of the symbols are the traditional fruits. The push buttons have that classic LED lighting which goes out when you hit start, and then comes back on when you’re ready for another spin.

All of the pay information is found in the upper portion of the slot, where you’ll also find the SuperMeter. The game is colourful throughout and even the sound effects have that classic feel. Enter the SuperMeter and you’ll hear a fanfare when you land those two jokers.

Classic and Entertaining – Joker 8000

At first glance, you might think this is as straightforward a slot as you’ll find. Simply line up 3 symbols and you’ll win. The game changes when you land that first win and the win amount heads into the SuperMeter. Now you’ll have more opportunity of landing a big win, to go alongside the potential 8,000-coin win in the base game. Joker 8000 is entertaining and does a fine job of giving you a virtual but real casino experience.

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