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Jurassic Jackpot is a slot which has been clearly inspired by the Jurassic Park franchise. The main symbol of the game shows the silhouette of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, much like in the movie poster. There is little doubt that this symbol is the most important in the game. It’s the highest paying and it also acts as the scatter symbol.

The game itself is a straightforward 3-reel slot, where you’ll simply line up 3 symbols in a row to win. As well as two dinosaur themed symbols, you also have a series of those traditional bar symbols and a red, tropical flower.

Prehistoric Pays – How Jurassic Jackpot Works

Jurassic Jackpot has three reels, these are large, covering much of the screen. To win, you’ll need to land three matching symbols in a row on the single win line. This isn’t quite as easy as you’d think because of the blanks you’ll land. This happens when symbols appear both above and below the win line, but not on it. This makes those wins less frequent, but does ensure that the pay outs can be impressive.

When you start playing you’ll have two choices to make. First, you’ll need to decide whether to play for 1 or 2 coins. At some slots this is an important decision, as it can affect strategy. However, if you play Jurassic Jackpot for 2 coins, you’ll simply win double the amount of playing for 1 coin. All pay outs listed below will assume you are playing for 2 coins. The other decision to make is the coin value, which ranges from 25c all the way through to $50.

Aside from the title / logo symbol, the second dinosaur themed symbol shows a skeleton of a T-rex. In some ways this is scarier than the silhouette, as the teeth do look mighty sharp! Three skeletons in a row pays 160 coins.

Next on the pay table are the bars. As is usually the case you’ll find three bar symbols – triple, double and single. The triple bars are the highest paying and are worth 80 coins for 3 in a row. 50 coins are yours for the double bars, while the single bars pay 20 coins. A combination of the bar symbols on a win line also pays 10 coins as a bonus.

The tropical flower is worth 20 coins for three in a row. Land just a pair of flowers on a win line and you’ll win 10 coins, while even a single flower pays 4 coins.

Dinosaur Logo Wilds

The silhouette title symbol is the highest paying in the game. Three dinosaurs in a row pay 1,600 coins when you line up 3 in a row (or 800 coins if playing for just one coin). This symbol also has an added bonus as it acts as the wild. This will substitute for any other symbol, ensuring more wins. Any time you land a win with a single wild, you’ll find a handy 2x multiplier doubling your win amount. Land a win with two wilds on the win line and you’ll find a 4x multiplier in place. Land a pair of those title symbols alongside the bony skeleton on a win line and you’ll pick up a 640-coin win (160 x 4).

Dinosaur Danger – Jurassic Jackpot Design

Jurassic Jackpot plays out against the backdrop of a mountain range, with windswept trees in the foreground. A large wooden sign showing ‘Jurassic Jackpot’ sits in the foreground, so this is clearly a slot set in the present. This MicroGaming design is unusual for a 3-reel slot, as the reels are very large. You therefore have to go to a second screen to access the pay table – very unusual for a 3-reel game. The overall design is a little basic overall, but there are some nice touches with a pterodactyl flying across the screen the highpoint. The accompanying sound is the best aspect, with loud wildlife and resounding thuds when the reels come to a stop.

T-Rex Treasure? Jurassic Jackpot Summary

This prehistoric themed slot is an enjoyable one for those who are drawn to three-reel games. The large reels might take a little getting used to at first, but they do ensure that your attention is fully on the game. With the large wins available for the title symbol, you’re only ever a spin away from a boost to your bankroll. The wild multipliers give the game a boost too, especially when you land two on a win line.

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