Jurassic Park Slot Review

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For me this is one of the classic slots in the MicroGaming portfolio. It is based on the original Jurassic Park movie. There are some amazing special effects and animations, including background scenery which gives the appearance that you are moving through a jungle. Dinosaurs make appearances too. There are animated dinosaurs as symbols – and bigger ones which come in during the bonus features. A cinematic soundtrack, along with roars from the prehistoric creatures creates an immersive feel.

Bugs in amber were the seed for the Jurassic Park of the movies, and trigger free spins in this slot. There are 5 variations to get through, each featuring different dinosaurs and wilds. You will also see extra wilds during the randomly triggered ‘T-Rex Alert’ bonus.

Entering the Park: How the Jurassic Park Slot Works

Compared to the complexity and richness of the bonus games, the base game is straightforward. Jurassic park uses an all-ways system. The 5×3 grid means that if all the spots were filled with the same symbol, you’d win 243 times. Your bets will be in increments of 30c, you can adjust both your coin size and the multiplier.

The pay table will update depending on your stake. To keep things simple while showing you the wins, I have based all the wins below on a $1.50c stake.

Wild symbols, which show the Jurassic Park logo, are the best paying symbol. In addition, they will replace all symbols except for the big in amber scatters. If you hit 5 of a kind, you win $40, with $7.50c for 4 and $2 for 3. Remember that your big wins will come from multiple line wins, which make up for the lower individual amounts.

Four main characters from the original movie make up the higher paying symbols. As an extra, when you get a 5 of a kind win with them, you will see a classic clip where each character features. The prizes range from $20 for 5 of a kind and down.

Smaller and more regular wins are created from the dinosaurs. There are 5 in total, all are detailed pictures, which become animated (and make sounds) when you win with them. Wins are topped by the T-Rex, which is worth $7.50c for 5 of a kind.

T-Rex Alert: Randomly Triggered Feature

At random while you play you will hear thudding footsteps, and the entire slot will appear to shake. A T-Rex alert sign then appears. This adds an extra 3 to 5 wild symbols to the reels. You’ll see an amazing animation of a T-rex coming towards the screen too!

This bonus lasts for 6 spins, which you pay for as usual. Those extra wilds give you a lot of potential for extra wins – working well in combination with the all-ways system.

5 Dinosaurs: Free Spins Bonus Games

Bugs in amber are scatter symbols. These have prizes which are based on the total number anywhere in view. 5 are worth $150, with $1.50c (your stake back) for just 2.

Better still, 3 or more will trigger the free spins bonus.

There is a sequence to start this where you see some DNA analysed. This reveals which dinosaur the DNA came from – deciding which free spins game you play. After you have triggered these free spins 25 times, you get to choose your bonus instead.

Here are the different bonus games, each comes with different background graphics, music and animations:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex: Here you get 12 free spins. At any point a T-Rex might appear, and roar at the reels, turning one or more completely wild. T-Rex symbols are stacked on the reels during this game.
  • Velociraptor: Again 12 free spins. This time you can get split wilds. These make 6-of-a-kind wins possible. These pay 2x the 5 of a kind amount. You can also get multiplier wilds. Velociraptors are stacked on the reels.
  • Triceratops: 12 Free spins with ‘running wilds’. Each time you spin, another wild is added to the reels. If you get a wild partially in view, the reels will nudge to fill with wilds. Non-winning spins get a respin. As with the other variations, triceratops symbols are stacked on the reels.
  • Brachiosaurus: 12 spins with a mystery multiplier. This can be anything up to 6x on your wins. These are awarded at random, not every spin. Brachiosaurus symbols are stacked for this game.
  • Dilophosaurus: Winning wilds feature in this game, you get the same 12 free spins. A small dinosaur appears under the reels and spits wilds. If that wild is involved in a win, it remains on the reels. If you get wilds on the first couple of reels, they will always make wins – making this a potentially very profitable game.

Spectacular Scrolling 3D Design

While not true 3D, the movement of the background against the reels certainly gives that effect. The reels are transparent, allowing you to feel like you are moving through a jungle – expecting a dinosaur to jump out at any moment.

On the reels, the dinosaurs all have small animations. The humans need bigger wins to get moving – at which point a video clip appears over the reels. It is the bonus games where the real drama happens. Each sub-game has amazing dinosaur animations. It really is worth going through all 5 to check them out!

A Blockbuster Slot? How Does Jurassic Park Compare?

If you love spectacular, cinematic or dramatic online slots – then Jurassic Park is a must play. For me this is a classic in the MicroGaming line-up. Many dinosaur themed slots are online, though none match the depth or the quality of production of this one.