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The first thing you’ll notice about this classic style 3-reel slot from MicroGaming is that the game appears crowded and busy. The second thing is that the back of the reels are black, instead of the traditional white. This game has a slick and high-quality feel – and you’ll find the game-play is not as complex as the initial impression might have you believe.

With 5 win-lines in play, wins can come from a lot of different directions. The logo symbols, which show a stylized ‘L’ are key to your bigger wins. These will substitute for the other symbols, and any wins which include them will get a multiplier.

Lines, Coins and Controls for the Legacy Online Slot

There are permanent silver lines covering the reels, which show the 5 win-lines. There are 3 horizontal lines, plus the two main diagonals. You can choose how many of these to play by hitting the ‘bet one’ button in the control panel. This will go up to 5, then the next click goes back down to 1. You’ll get the best returns by playing all 5 lines. If necessary, you can reduce your stakes to make this work for your slots bankroll.

Legacy is a dollar slot, with the smallest coin size $1. You can adjust this using the plus and minus signs beneath the coin. There is a bet max button which will spin all 5 lines at your current coin size, and a regular spin button too. If you click the ‘expert’ button, more options appear on the control panel. These include an auto-spin option.

Legacy Wild Wins

A circular red symbol with the letter L in it is what you’ll want to see on the reels. This is the top paying symbol by a wide margin.

How much you win depends on which of the five win-lines you hit this on. Line 1 pays 1000 coins for 3, lines 2 through 4 increment this number by 400 each time. The fifth line, which is the diagonal going from the bottom left to the top right, gives your win an extra boost. This is 800 coins higher than the win for line 4 – at 2400 coins. This is a bonus which is designed to encourage you to play all 5 lines on each spin. While these wins are not frequent, the boost will make a difference to your long-term profits.

Legacy logo symbols are also wild. This means that they substitute for all other symbols to create more wins. Those wins will be subject to multipliers. Wins with one Legacy wild are doubled compared to the pay table numbers. Wins with two wilds and one regular symbol pay at 4x that prize. Note that wins with 3 wilds already account for these multipliers, and are not doubled!

Regular Winning Combinations

Sevens and bar symbols make up your regular wins. There is only one 7 on the reels. This traditional red 7 works perfectly with the colour scheme of the slot. If you line up 3 of these, you get a 160-coin prize. With a single wild this could be 320, and with two wilds you’ll get 640 coins.

Bars come in the standard 3 types. Triples are worth 80 coins, doubles 40 and singles 10. A mix of any 3 bars gets you 5 coins. There are no cherries or other single symbol wins in this game – all the prizes require 3 of a kind.

Unique Black Reel Design

While the game-play is very much traditional, the look of this slot is anything but. Black backing to the reels gives a different feel to the game. The overall colour scheme is red, black and silver. This gives a high class look and feel. Those reels may be black, but this did not stop MicroGaming giving them a curved effect – mimicking the traditional slots from a live casino floor.

You’ll find the layout follows most MicroGaming 3-reel games. Reels are on the top left, with a logo underneath this. Over on the right-hand side, you’ll find the pay table. At the top is a visual representation of how the top prizes work for each of the 5 lines. In the background you’ll hear the sounds of a casino floor – as if you were enjoying the Legacy slot in a live setting.

Will the Legacy Slot Leave a Lasting Impression?

Game-play wise, this is very much a traditional 3-reel slot. Those multipliers for wild wins add some interest, with 4x wins possible with 2 wilds. The top prize of 2400 coins is a good reason to check out this game. You’ll need to play all 5 lines to win this. Legacy has a high-quality look and feel, which makes a difference compared to the usual white reeled games.

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