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There is a subtle pun in the title of this MicroGaming slot. Lion’s share means the biggest portion, though in this case the theme of the slot is focused on a real lion. This handsome classic cartoon lion looks happy. Instead of prey, he is sat next to a big pile of gold coins. Behind him you will see a savannah scene going into the distance.

You will also find the lion (or at least his head) on the reels. This symbol has a huge top prize, and is also wild. Wins created with lion symbols will add multipliers to the regular wins. In terms of game-play, this slot is similar to many other MicroGaming 3-reel games. The vibrant theme does manage to bring this game to life!

Before You Divide Up the Gold: How Does Lions Share Work?

The setup could not be simpler. You have 3 reels, and a single win-line. While it felt like the symbols hit the win-line more often than for many games, they do miss sometimes. Every win except the cherries requires 3 symbols in a row.

In line with almost all 3-reel slots, you’ll choose from playing 1, 2 or 3 coins. The pay table (which can be seen at all times) clearly shows the 3-coin option to be where the smart money is. The top prize is bigger for 3 coins by more than 3x the prize for one coin. This means that playing 3 coins will maximize your returns, and not hand cash to the house for no reason. I recommend that you reduce your coin size to a level that makes 3 coins possible.

There is a bet max button in addition to the usual spin. This will start the reels spinning with a 3-coin bet at your current coin size.

Wild Lions are the Best Paying Symbol

While the lion on the slot graphic looks pleased with himself, the one on the reels appears to be mid-roar. This symbol has the best prize by a long way. If you are playing 3 coins, you’ll get 8000 coins for 3. For 2 coins this is 4000 and for 1 coin 2000.

Lions will also help create wins with the other regular symbols. These are wild, which means they can replace any symbol to create a win. There are also win multipliers when the wilds are involved. A win with a single lion is worth 2x the amount on the pay table. Get 2 lions and any other symbol, and your win will be multiplied by 4.

Other Winning Combinations

Stacked gold coins are the next highest paying symbol. These are worth 900 coins for 3 of a kind playing the maximum 3 coins. The wins for these are not proportionally higher for the 3rd coin.

Bar symbols are also in play. As usual on traditional slots, these come in 3, 2 and 1 format – and also pay a smaller amount for any 3 mixed. The top prize of 3 of the triple bars is 300 coins.

Cherries complete the symbols. You get a prize for just 2 of these on the reels (though not for a single one). 3 of them on the win-line gets you 6 coins.

Wild African Savannah Design

Your eyes will be immediately drawn to the lion, who dominates the bottom left portion of the screen for this slot. Above him are the words Lions Share, with a gold coin as the ‘O’. You can see a glint from the teeth of the lion, who has sharp claws around a big pile of gold coins. Underneath him is some text explaining how the wilds work. The right-hand side of the screen is taken up completely by the pay table. This shows all the winning combinations, and the prizes for 1, 2 or 3 coins.

As you would expect from MicroGaming 3-reel games, the reels are on the top left of your screen – and are curved to look like a physical slot. The symbols are plain, though bright and easy to follow. When you win, the winning line on the pay table will flash.

There are some electronic sounds while you spin. These are different to the standard noises, though not remarkable in any way.

Will You Get the Lion’s Share?

If you enjoy MicroGaming’s huge selection of 3-reel slots, then this theme will make a refreshing change from the usual bars and 7’s type games. Wins with lions in them is where the big wins will come from. That 4x multiplier can turn an ordinary line win into a big prize. Play all 3 coins to try for a top prize of a big 8000 coins.

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