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There are a lot of slots themed on Las Vegas. Most take the high-roller route, showing symbols of big winners and luxury. Lost Vegas from MicroGaming is completely different. This slot is themed on zombies. The Las Vegas here is post-apocalyptic. You’ll find an atmospheric game with entertaining animations. You get to choose from 2 modes of play. You can have the zombies on the reels, or the survivors. Each has their own free spins game.

In addition to two unique free spins bonus rounds, there are some extras in the base game. Any losing spin can become a ‘blackout’, which awards extra cash prizes. You will also receive extra cash via another random feature – a ‘zombie fist of cash’.

Find Your Way Through the Lost Vegas Controls and Setup

Wins are kept simple by dispensing with traditional win-lines, and using all-ways wins instead. Over a 5 by 3 grid of the reels, you’ll be paid for matching symbols on at least 3 consecutive reels from the left. The only decisions you need to make is how much to bet on each spin (from 30c and up) and whether to play in Zombie or Survivor Mode.

The modes are changed via a button above the reels on the right. The background graphics, and symbols change when you hit this. There is a darker Zombie mode, with the undead all over the reels – and a brighter Survivor mode where everyone holds a weapon.

Line Wins and Wild Symbols

When you check the pay table, the mode you are in with determine which wins you see. This also adjusts the prizes based on your spin amount. I have listed prizes based on a $1.50c spin here.

For the zombies, an undead Elvis has the single biggest line win – this is worth $12.50c for 5. Next comes a guy in a hat, followed by a zombie nurse. There is a zombie showgirl and a couple to complete the higher wins. Playing card symbols complete the smaller wins for both modes.

If you are playing the survivors, then a mix of people holding weapons create the bigger wins. These include a lady wielding a baseball bat, and a guy with a golf club.

Whichever mode you are playing, wilds symbols are very useful. These are the Lost Vegas slot logo. With the all-ways system in use, wilds will often create multiple line wins. 5 of these will give you the top line prize of $15.

Random Bonus Features

On any losing spin, you can get a random ‘blackout’ bonus. Here the screen and surrounds go dark, and you’ll hear some electrical spark sounds. Next the zombies (or survivors) will each show a cash prize in turn, these are added together to give you a blackout prize. In addition, you only need a single scatter symbol during the blackout to trigger the free spins.

There is another random bonus, a huge fist. You will see an impressive animation, and a zombie fist will hand you a cash prize.

Infected Reels in the Free Spins Game

3 of more of the scatter symbols, which show a radiation sign, will trigger the free spins bonuses. Again, these are split between the two modes.

Zombie Free Spins: This game gives you an infection feature. Zombies become stacked on the reels. Each time all 3 positions on a reel show a single zombie, that reel gets a red outline and becomes infected. Wilds on infected reels become stacked, giving you some big win potential. This bonus continues until all 5 reels become infected, or you reach 50 spins.

Stash Free Spins; For the survivors, the game is different. Playing card symbols play a role. Each one that lands awards a cash bonus, and gets removed from the reels. This increases the proportion of survivor symbols as you play. Once all the card symbols are gone (or after 50 spins) the game will end.

Atmospheric Animated Scenes

If you play the survivor mode, the scene behind the reels is the inside of an abandoned casino with chips strewn over tables and flickering slots. For the zombie mode, you get an outside view, with crumbling neon signs.

On the reels, the graphics are excellent. When you win you get small animations, as well as dramatic guitar riff sound effects. There is a slow tune with eerie sound effects playing in the background between spins too.

Will You Survive a Spin on the Lost Vegas Slot?

I’d rate this slot as excellent. It might not have the immediacy of Walking Dead, though the theme is beautifully produced and offers plenty of depth. The contrasts between the modes works well, though I have a feeling the Zombies will be the most popular. Random features keep the base game interesting and edgy. The big money will come from the unique free spins bonus games.

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