Lucky Koi Slot

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This Asian themed slot has a unique setting. The reels are above the shimmering surface of a pond. You will see fish swimming around to the sides of the symbols from time to time. Symbols have an aquatic Asian feel too. There is a turtle on a lily pad, a frog and of course, the koi carp.

When you trigger a bonus, you will get to choose from 2 different games. One is a free spins round. The other is a picks game, where you are fishing for Koi in the pond. Each fish you reel in awards you a cash prize.

How Lucky Koi is Set Up

The reels are transparent, revealing the pond beneath. There are 5 reels in total, each with 3 symbols in view when they stop. 25 win-lines are fixed, so you only need to decide on how much to bet before you spin the reels. Auto-play is offered.

Like on many MicroGaming slots, the pay table will update showing your total wins for each symbol combination for your current bet size. To keep things easy to follow, I have listed the prizes below for a $1 bet. If you are betting more, it should be easy enough to work out the bigger prizes.

Two koi carp swimming around a lily is the biggest paying regular (non-wild) symbol. This is worth $40 for 5 of a kind. A gold ingot comes next, this has some sparkle on top and will bring you $16 for 5. A silver version of that same ingot is worth $12 for 5, while gold coins, a red fan and lily make up the remaining higher paying symbols.

There are no playing card symbols to fill the reels in this slot – always the sign of a quality game. Instead your smaller wins will come from pond wildlife. These symbols include a frog, turtle and mayfly.

Logo Wild Symbols

On the pay table you will see two wild symbols. These are the logo of the game, and a lily with the word ‘wild’ on it. These are in fact the same (single) symbol. When the logo lands on the reels and helps to create wins, this wild then changes to show the lily.

Wilds substitute for all the regular winning symbols. These share a top prize with the Koi carp – worth $40 for 5 of a kind.

Choose Your Bonus Game

Scatter symbols show a water wheel with a pagoda. These have prizes of up to 100x your bet for 5 anywhere in view. When you get 3+ on the reels, you’ll be given a choice of two bonus games.

Free Spins Bonus: When you choose this bonus, two pieces of information are missing. You will now yet know how many free spins you get (this can be between 10 and 30), or what win multiplier you get (up to 5x). The multiplier is set at the start of your spins, and displayed on the top right of the reels. You can extend your free spins with 3+ scatters during play.

Koi Bonus Feature: This game involves fishing (though the Koi do get put back into the pond!). You get to choose between 3 and 6 fish. Each one that you reel in gives you a cash prize. You win the sum of your picks times your total bet amount.

Unique Shimmering Design

The view of the reels in this slot is like nothing you will have seen before. Pebbles at the bottom of the pond are contrasted by light effects as sunlight bounces off the water. Fish swim around, though at the sides of the reels – so as not to interfere with game-play.

There are animations for all the winning symbols. Some of these are subtle, others are livelier. The best graphics are saved for the picks-game. Here the reels and symbols disappear, and you’ll find impressive fish swimming into view.

While you spin, a Japanize sounding track plays – this is a modernized version of a traditional tune.

Should You Fish for Wins on the Lucky Koi Slot?

It is not often you will see a truly original Asian themed slot these days. Lucky Koi takes a lot of traditional symbols, and creates an impressive looking game from them. The pond-effect is worth a look on its own. Free spins with potential for big multipliers are an attractive bonus option. For some great animations, you might also want to check out the koi fishing picks game.


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