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Mayan Princess enables you to take a trip back to the middle ages, when the ancient civilization of Maya led the world in architecture, art and mathematics. The beautiful princess on the reels wears a gold banded headdress and carries a snake across her shoulders. This character rules the ancient cultural hotbed and is joined by a series of creatures, symbols and a prince on the reels.

The highlight of this MicroGaming developed slot is the free games bonus round. You can win an impressive number of spins with an added multiplier, to give those wins that extra boost.

Slot Setup: How Mayan Princess Works

This Mayan themed slot features five reels, each reel showing three symbols. Players can choose the number of lines, with the options being any number between 1 and 20, with the maximum 20 set as the default amount. Players will also choose the coin value, starting at just 1c and ranging up to a maximum of 50c.

The control panel sits below the reels. Here you’ll set the number of lines and the coin value with single clicks of the appropriate buttons. The ‘Bet Max’ button will immediately spin the reels with the full 20 win-lines in play. Hitting ‘spin’ will set the reels in motion with the chosen number of lines.

Logo Wilds and Regular Wins

The wild symbol plays one of the most important roles when playing Mayan Princess. This symbol shows the logo of the slot and will substitute for every other symbol apart from the scatter. This will lead to many more wins with other symbols. The wild is also the highest paying in the game. Land five wilds in a row and you’ll find yourself looking at a 5,000-coin windfall. Even four wilds in a row pays 3,000 coins, which is the joint second highest win.

Of the standard symbols, the Mayan Princess herself leads the way. Matching the beautiful princess five times in a row pays 3,000 coins. A serene-looking leopard is next on the pay table. This magnificent creature is perhaps the pet of the princess and is worth a top prize of 2,000 coins. A bronze sun-god symbol is one of the most striking in the game and pays 1,000 coins. Another eye-catching symbol is the alligator with its mouth wide open – those teeth are impressive! A colourful parrot also adorns the reels while the prince supplies some eye candy for female players to level things up. Other symbols include chilli, corn and other Mayan symbols.

Mayan Pyramids Trigger the Free Spins Game

The bonus symbol in the game features a stone pyramid with the sun setting in the background. This bonus symbol appears on reels 1 and 5 only and you’ll enter the feature when it appears on both. Interestingly, you won’t be awarded a set number of spins every time you activate the feature. Instead, you’ll be awarded any number between 10 and 20.

During the free spins, any time you land a win, the win amount will be subject to a 2x multiplier. This can make for a very profitable feature, especially if you land a number of spins around the 20-mark.

Ancient Architecture Features in the Design

The backdrop to this MicroGaming designed slot shows a Mayan scene. Above the reels you’ll find a Mayan pyramid, with steps leading up to the summit on all four sides. The stone architecture of the pyramid also winds down either side of the reels. Look closely and you’ll see that the stones contain an image of a serpent with jaws wide open.

The reels have a cream background while the symbols are all intricately designed. Each is housed in a circle with gold or silver edging and comes alive with animation when you land a win. Perfectly fitting native music plays throughout, which does a fine job of transporting you back through the centuries.

How Does Mayan Princess Compare?

Mayan Princess is an enjoyable slot from MicroGaming. In terms of gameplay, you wouldn’t ever claim that the game is unique. In many ways it follows the ‘set’ pattern of a base game and a free spins bonus round. The feature does mix it up a little with the random number of spins awarded. However, the main reason to play the game are the sound and graphics. These are both excellent throughout and it’s clear that much care has been taken over the design. This is reason enough to give Mayan Princess a spin!

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