Meerkat Mayhem Slot Machine

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Known for standing ‘sentry’ on the look-out for predators, Meerkats have featured widely on TV in recent years.  Now these lovable creatures have been made the focus of a new MicroGaming slot. On the reels you’ll find Meerkats in a host of different guises. You’ll come across a Viking meerkat, a ballerina meerkat, a cowboy meerkat, a sunbathing meerkat and many more!

If the game wasn’t wild enough already, the wild symbols play a central role. You have a standard wild which will substitute as usual, as well as a devilish wild which goes that extra step.

Mere Meerkats? How the Meerkat Mayhem Slot Works

Meerkat Mayhem is a five-reel online slot, with three symbols showing on each of the reels. The game has a total of 30 win-lines and you’ll win when you line up three or more consecutive symbols from left to right. The coin value per line ranges from just 1c through to $10 and can be played for real and play money.

The cowboy meerkat is the highest paying symbol in the game. A win of 300 coins is yours when you hit five of these cowboys in a row. A Mexican meerkat, complete with sombrero and a small guitar is next on the pay table, worth 150 coins for the max five in a row. A meerkat airman, saluting to the sky, pays 125 coins and a meerkat riding a scooter has a top prize of 100 coins.

It will come as no surprise to hear that the subsequent symbols are all meerkats too. You have a meerkat sunbathing, a meerkat snorkelling, and a meerkat dressed as a wizard! Completing the themed symbols are a ballerina, a couple being married, a pirate and a Viking – all meerkats of course. It’s good to come across a slot where all of the symbols are themed, as opposed to using those playing card ‘filler’ symbols found at so many games.

The queen meerkat acts as the scatter symbol in the game. Land three scatters anywhere on the reels and you’ll win double your total stake. Four scatters see you win 3x your total stake. The maximum five scatters see you win 5x your stake.

Meerkat Mayhem Wild Symbols

The first wild symbol shows the word ‘wild’ with the head of the Viking meerkat popping up in the bottom of the symbol. This wild will substitute for any other symbol in the game apart from the queen scatter. This wild doesn’t offer a set win amount, but five wilds in a row will pay the top prize of 300 coins (the wild substituting for the cowboy). This wild appears regularly on the reels – it isn’t stacked, but it can appear more than once on a reel.

The second wild symbol shows a devilish meerkat. This wild is less frequent than the other, but has a lot more impact. Whenever this wild appears it will produce a ball of fire in his hands and create havoc on the reels. Any instances of the snorkelling, sunbathing, the meerkat on the scooter, the airman or the Mexican meerkat will now turn wild. This can create some huge wins, as wilds will be all over the reels. There will be some spins where many, if not all, of the 30 win-lines pay out at once.

Devil is in the Detail – Entertaining Wildlife Design

Throughout the game a full-size version of the devilish meerkat sits on a throne to the left of the reels. This character does have a couple of red horns, but you will grow to like him. He is the guy who gives you those additional wilds and he’ll also celebrate every time you land a win. He sits in a stone castle, with the reels appearing in front of a large glass window. This slot is high on humour throughout, which is only added to by the jaunty soundtrack that plays throughout.

Will You Go Wild for the Meerkat Mayhem Slot?

Meerkat Mayhem is a fun and somewhat unique game. It’s unusual to find a five-reel slot without a free spins bonus round or a second screen feature. However, the base game is good enough to make up for this. With your usual wild, which appears more frequently than usual, a win is never far away. The devilish wild almost guarantees one of those huge pay outs too. The appealing sound and graphics only give the game a boost. If you want to play a slot which is sure to put a smile on your face, this makes for a good choice.

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