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Most 3-reel slot games, whether live or online, are conservative in their colouring. You might get a splash of gold, or a red 7 or two – though blues and blacks are the standard. Mocha Orange from MicroGaming stands out a mile. You’ll immediately note that the design is bright orange. The symbols on the reels have a subtler shading – though are certainly not the standard setup.

As you would expect from a 3-reel slot, there is nothing complex about the game-play. You can choose one or two coins, and then hope that the higher paying symbols hit the single win-line. Oranges have a special role to play. In addition to being the highest paying symbols, these are wild. If you hit wins with them, you’ll receive multipliers compared to the pay table.

Peeling Away the Complexity of the Game Rules

Mocha Orange is a quarter slot – the smallest coin size is 25c. You can bet either one or two coins on each spin. Unlike many 3-reel slots, there is no extra incentive given for playing the 2nd coin in terms of a bigger top prize. If you hit the ‘bet max’ button, this will default to 2 coins at your current coin size and spin the reels. You’ll find auto-play via the ‘expert’ button – which brings up some extra controls.

Wild Oranges Pay Big

Oranges are usually a lower paying slot symbol (along with lemons and cherries). In this game they are the opposite. 3 of the oranges on the win-line will pay a generous 1600 coins, assuming a 2-coin bet.

What is more, orange symbols can combine with the remaining symbols on the reels to create wins as substitutes. These come with win multipliers. If you get 1 orange and 2 other symbols on the pay line, this is worth 2x what is on the pay table. If you get 2 oranges and 1 other symbol, you’ll get a 4x win. This can take some of the 2nd tier symbols, and turn them instantly into bigger prizes.

Regular Wins with Traditional Slot Symbols

As well as the leafy orange symbols, you’ll find a lot of standards from traditional slots. These include 7’s (which in this case are coloured orange), bars and bells.

7’s are worth 200 coins for 3, and remember, these can be multiplied by the wild oranges to bring you bigger wins. Triple bars (which are an orange / brown colour) are worth 100 coins, doubles 50 coins and singles 20 coins. There is a small consolation prize of just 6 coins for any 3 mixed bar symbols.

Bells are golden, and the only symbol without an orange twist in this game. These pay from just 1 on the reels. This gets you 4 coins, which is double your spin amount. If you get 2 of them this is worth 10 coins, and 3 will get you a welcome 40-coin win.

Whenever you do hit a win, big or small, the winning line on the pay table will flash.

Zesty Orange Design

While the colour scheme is most definitely orange, the layout is standard for a MicroGaming 3-reel slot. You’ll find that the right-hand side of the screen is dominated by the pay table. This shows the prizes split into 1 coin and 2-coin amounts. Underneath this you will find information explaining the multipliers awarded for wild wins.

On the left, the reels are at the top of the screen. These are curved and white – with small light effects making them look like a mechanical slot game. The symbols are all shades of orange, tan and gold – giving a distinctive overall look. Underneath these reels you will find the logo, which shows 3 oranges, with the word ‘Mocha’ in capital letters above. Behind this is a detailed design, which could be a fabric.

There is nothing fruit-themed about the sounds. These are standard 3-reel slot noises. They include the casino-floor noises, and beeps / whirrs while you play.

Should You Try a Segment of Mocha Orange?

If you know and love the range of 3-reel slots from MicroGaming, then Mocha Orange makes a visually welcome change. The game-play is very much standard, with even the multipliers for wild wins used in several other games. What is different is the use of oranges as the top paying symbol. Line up 3 of these, and you could be peeling away with a big line prize.

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