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You’ll find bananas replacing the more traditional cherries on this 3-reel slot from MicroGaming. The host – who has a large portrait staring right out of the screen at you – is a grinning primate. This monkey is wearing a suit with bow-tie, shades and is holding a peeled banana. You will also find this monkey on the reels. A head shot of him, complete with grinning white teeth, is the highest paying symbol.

At the top of the pay table, you’ll find the words ‘moneys are wild’. This is not simply a statement of fact. It refers to the monkey symbols replacing any others to create extra wins. This is the only ‘feature’ of this otherwise very traditional (in terms of game play at least) 3-reel slot.

Understand the Setup Before You Monkey Around

Only one win-line crosses the 3-reels of this game. This goes right over the middle of the curved reels. You can choose to play one or two coins each spin, and toggle the coin size up and down to match your bankroll. There is a bet max button, which will spin with 2 coins at your chosen size.

I strongly recommend you bet 2 coins per spin on Monkey’s Money. The top prize for 2 coins is 3,000 coins, while the top prize for a single coin is just 1,000. This will make a big difference to the long term returns of any online slot. If you need to, reduce the coin size so that you can spin for 2 coins.

Go Wild for the Higher Paying Symbols

You’ll want to see the grinning monkey on the reels as often as possible. This is the highest paying symbol by a long way. 3,000 coins is a good prize for just a 2-coin spin. This monkey will also create wins with the other symbols. It acts as a substitute, though does not have a multiplier like you will find on many other MicroGaming slots.

The next best prize comes via the traditional red 7’s. Line up 3 of these on the single win-line, and 600 coins will come your way.

Fruits and Bars: Smaller Prizes

Bananas make a welcome change from cherries, and will give you the most frequent wins on this slot. You get paid for just 1 on the win line. 3 of them in a row will get you 20 coins (for a 2-coin spin). One banana effectively gets your spin amount back, with 2 coins. Two bananas are worth 6 coins.

Finally, you’ll find traditional black and white bar symbols in play. These come in the usual 3, 2 and 1 format – and have a consolation prize of 10 coins for any combination of bars on the win-line. 3 of the triple bars gets you a decent 200-coin prize. Two doubles are worth 80 coins, while two singles get you 30.

Grinning Suited Primate Design

MicroGaming has made a real effort to give this slot a colourful and fun look. The background is orange, with some darker orange wavy lines. The monkey that is the main design element has super-white teeth, and looks very happy as he is about to eat a banana. Neatly groomed hair, sunglasses and a purple suit complete the high-flyer look!

Above the monkey, the reels are not framed in a box or behind glass. They are drawn as if the barrel of 3 reels was floating above the monkey’s head. The grinning ape symbol adds some fun to the symbols, and the bananas help this game to stand out too.

To the right of the screen you will find a big pay table. This is split into one and two coins. You will clearly see the bigger prize for the 2nd coin at the top of this. When you hit a win, the prize you got will flash on the pay table.

There are no special monkey sound effects. The beeps, whirrs and winning jingles used are all from the standard MicroGaming sound library.

Should You Go Banana’s for the Monkey’s Money Slot?

Compared to the dull and predictable themes of many 3-reel slots, this is a colourful breath of fresh air. Something as simple as replacing the cherries with bananas, and having a grinning (wild) monkey on the reels makes a big difference. With a top prize of 3,000 coins for just 2 coins per spin, there is some big win potential involved too.

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