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If you’ve ever been sneaked up on by a ghost, it’s not a pleasant experience. While it has never happened to me, I imagine turning around and seeing a white sheet with eyes floating in the air is quite a shocker. Fortunately, there are people around who can deal with this problem – ghost busters. This 3-reel slot from MicroGaming features a mini ghost buster – a child with a Nerf gun!

Joining the child and the ghost on the reels are a large ‘Boo’ sign which is the most important symbol in the game. In a nod to classic slots, you’ll also find the triple, double and single bars on the reels.

Who You Gonna Call? – How Peek-a-boo Works

Peek-a-boo is a three-reel slot with a total of 5 win-lines. Win lines 1, 2, 3 are the middle, top and bottom horizontals. Win line 4 is the horizontal from top left to bottom right. Win line 5 is the mirror image of line 4, running from bottom left to top right. Players can opt to play any number of win lines, but it soon becomes clear that all 5 lines is the way to go. Players will also choose the coin value. This starts at just 25c and ranges all the way up to $20.

To win you’ll simply need to land three matching symbols on one of the five win-lines. The ‘boy’ ghost buster is the highest paying of the standard symbols, worth 300 coins when lining up. The ghost symbol, complete with a red hazard sign, is next on the pay table, worth 200 coins.

The bar symbols are more colourful than the usual black and white they appear in. The triple bars have a red colouring and pay 100 coins. The double bars, in green, are worth 40 coins, while only the single bars are in the traditional black and white. If you land a combination of the three bar symbols on a win line, you’ll win 5 coins.

Peek-a-boo Wild Symbol

The wild symbol shows the word ‘boo’ in large, green, bubble lettering. As the wild, this will substitute for every other symbol in the game, ensuring additional wins in the game.

The wild is also the highest paying symbol in the game. The pay-outs for this symbol change based upon which of the win lines you land it on. Three in a row on win line one pays 1,000 coins. Land the top prize on win lines 2, 3 and 4 and the prize increases to 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 coins respectively. Land three ‘boos’ in a row on win line and the prize jumps to 6,000 coins.

It becomes clear when you look at the different pay-outs that playing all 5 win-lines is the best strategy. The rise in pay outs for the ‘boo’ symbols means that your expected returns increase as you play more lines. It’s a better plan to play all lines with a smaller coin value, than a single win line with a higher coin value.

Bright and Fun Slot Design

Peek-a-boo has a fun, very colourful design. The background to the game is in a fun purple, while all of the symbols are high in colour too. Both the young ghost buster and the ghost itself are the standout symbols, adding a nice level of humour to the game. Being a 3-reel slot, there is much real estate on the screen, so all of the info you need to play is right there. Down the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll find the pay table. The reels are situated in the top left and the control panel is at the bottom of the screen. Just below the reels you’ll find the title of the slot, which shows the boy aiming his toy gun at the ghost.

Fright Night – Peek-a-boo Overview

While the straightforward nature of 3-reel slots will not appeal to all, Peek-a-boo is certainly a fun and a humorous slot. The battle between the boy and the ghost is the central theme to the game, a battle the boy is sure to win (toy guns always win!). With a top prize of 6,000 coins, every spin has a nice level of excitement. The differing pay outs for the top symbol also add an element of variety to the game. No, Peek-a-boo might not grab all slot players, but it will certainly appeal to 3-reel fans.

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