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Life as an explorer in Egypt must be a lot like playing a free slot. There’ll be many times when ‘hitting spin’ will see you come up with nothing more than worthless old fossils and grains of sand. But occasionally, an explorer will come up with something big and hit the jackpot. This MicroGaming designed slot gives you exactly that opportunity. On the reels you’ll find a Pharaoh’s golden tomb, pyramids, a scarab beetle and classic bar symbols.

The game itself is something of a simple 3-reel slot, featuring just a single win line, no wild symbol and no feature. What the game offers however, are some very sizable wins when the Pharaoh himself lines up on that win line.

Kings and Pyramids – How Pharaoh’s Fortune Works

Pharaoh’s Fortune slot machine has three reels and a single win line. To win, you’ll need to land three matching symbols on the win line. To make things trickier, occasionally you’ll land a blank on one reel or more. This happens when you land a symbol both above and below the win line, but not on it. Yes, this does make wins tougher to come by, but it also means the pay outs are larger, which is always a bonus.

Players have two choices to make before the first spin. First, the coin value must be chosen and this ranges between 25c and $25. Next the number of coins must be chosen. The options are between 1, 2 and 3. As you play the game, it quickly becomes clear that all 3 coins is certainly the way to go. Read on to find out why.

Pharaoh Symbols Pay Best

The highest paying symbol in the game is the Pharaoh himself. He might not have been alive for hundreds of years, but encased in a golden tomb, he is certainly valuable. Land three in a row when playing for 1 or 2 coins, you’ll win 500 or 1,000 coins respectively. Win when playing for all 3 coins and the pay-out amount jumps to an impressive 2,500 coins.

This jump means that the potential return when playing all 3 coins is better than when playing for 1 or 2 coins. And who doesn’t want to win the big 2,500 coins?! Therefore, you should certainly play all 3 coins. It’s a better strategy to play 3 coins of a lower coin value, than a single coin with a higher value. All pay outs listed below will assume you are indeed playing all 3 coins.

Egyptian Icons and Traditional Symbols for Regular Wins

The pyramid symbol is next on the pay table. These sheer golden symbols give you a win of 240 coins when you line up 3 in a row. You’ll also land a win of 120 coins when you land a combination of the pyramid and the pharaohs on the win line.

The bars add a classic feel to the slot, although instead of the traditional black and white look, these are gold bars. Land three triple bars and you’ll win 90 coins. The pay outs then go to 60 and 30 coins for the double and single bars respectively. A combination of the three bar symbols then pays 15 coins.

The final symbol in the game is the Scarab beetle. Land three in a row and you’ll win 30 coins. As a bonus, land just a pair of scarab beetles on a win line and you’ll pick up 15 coins. A single scarab beetle also pays 6 coins – enough to cover the cost of the current spin and a free spin as well!

Exploring Egypt – Pharaoh’s Fortune Design

When you play Pharaoh’s Fortune, you’ll find the entire game and game info all on the one screen. The reels are in the top left, the pay table is down the right-hand side of the screen and the control panel is at the bottom. The backdrop to the screen is in a bright blue showing ancient hieroglyphics, while the title is in bright gold beneath the reels. The reels themselves have the classic, curved white look, while the symbols are basic but effective. Every time you hit spin you’ll hear the sound of the wind, making you feel like you’re in a sandstorm in the desert.

Should You Take a Shot at Winning the Pharaoh’s Fortune?

Pharaoh’s Fortune is a new take on a traditional slot setup. With just 3 reels and a complete lack of features, players who like variety in their slots might be disappointed. However, this is an ideal slot for traditional gaming fans. The game plays quickly, there are no distractions and the pay-outs can be both high and frequent. Put these together and this MicroGaming design is surely worth a spin.

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