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Pirate’s Paradise slot game is a tale all about three pirates who look really contented with life. You can see the pirates on a desert island while surrounded by treasure, all celebrating around a camp fire. There is one small thing I should add – each of three pirates is a parrot. Of course, in any group of pirates, you’ll always find one with an eye patch, and these parrots are no different.

The game itself is a straightforward three-reel design. The parrots / pirates don’t appear on the reels themselves, these filled with treasure, Jolly Rogers, palm trees and shells. The game features no wild symbols or features, with big prizes the rewards on offer here.

Ahoy Me Hearties – How Pirate’s Paradise Works

This MicroGaming real-money online slot has three reels and just a single win line. To win you’ll simply need to match three symbols in a row on that win line. The reels mimic an older mechanical casino slot. This means you will not always get 3 symbols on the win line on every spin.

A look at the pay table shows you different win amounts when playing for 1, 2 or 3 coins. You can change the amount of coins in play by using the small ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons on the control. You’ll also set the coin value in a similar way.

Win Some Treasure with the Chest Symbols

The highest paying symbol of all is the gold chest. Land this symbol 3 times in a row and you’ll win 500 coins for 1 coin, 1,000 coins for 2 coins and a jump to 2,500 coins when playing a third coin. These differences in pay-outs make it quite clear that you should be playing all 3 coins. The long-term returns are better. It’s therefore a better strategy to play all 3 coins with a lower value than a single coin with a higher value.

Jolly Rogers, Palm Trees and Shells

Next on the pay table is the Jolly Roger flag, this flag frayed at the edges by the extremities of the sea. Land three in a row of this famous pirate flag and you’ll win 240 coins (assuming you are playing all 3 coins). As an added bonus, a combination of the treasure and the Jolly Roger will also pay 120 coins.

A series of palm trees are the next highest paying symbols. Each shows either 1, 2 or 3 palm trees and play in a similar way to the classic bar symbols found on many traditional slots. Land three triple tree symbols in a row and you’ll win 90 coins. Three double trees pay 60 coins and three single trees are worth 30 coins. A combination of the three palm tree symbols will also land you a win of 15 coins.

The final symbol in the game is a sea shell. Line up 3 in a row and you’ll win 30 coins. This symbol will also pay 15 coins when landing two anywhere on the win line. A single sea shell on the win line pays 6 coins. This might seem like an insignificant win, but this happens very often. The 6-coin win will pay for the current spin and effectively give you a free spin too.

Three Pirate Parrots Design

The standout feature of the design is the image below the reels showing the 3 parrots. They seem content with life, on their small perches around a blazing fire. They are happily smoking and drinking, while the beaming sun looks down on them. The reels above have the classic white look, with shading at the top and the bottom to signify the traditional curvature. The symbols have a somewhat basic design, which is matched by the accompanying sound. Being a 3-reel slot, all of the game information is found on the one screen. The large pay table is found to the right-hand side of the screen, with the control panel at the bottom.

Caribbean Dreams? Pirate’s Paradise Slot Overview

Free three-reel slots are generally quite straightforward in nature, and this game is one of the most straightforward you’ll find. The slot has no wild symbols and no features, so all the action takes place right in front of you. The game plays with a fast pace and has no distractions – a combination that will appeal to many. The top pay-outs in the game are eye-catching, while employing a little strategy by playing all 3 coins will reap dividends. Pirate’s Paradise is a simple, yet enjoyable slot.

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