Saturday Night Takeaway

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It is hard to miss Ant and Dec on UK TV. This pair graduated from children’s TV to prime time shows, hosting award ceremonies and more. They are not to everyone’s taste – though do have millions tuning in to their shows. With distinctive accents (from the North East of England), I’m not even sure if people from outside of the UK would be able to understand them!

Saturday Night Takeaway slots are based on a game show of the same name. Ant and Dec are the main focus of this high energy slot. Oversized symbols give the reels a distinctive look. There are bonus games which follow the format of the show. A ‘supercomputer’ gives you multipliers before you win cash or trigger one of 5 bonus games.

Highlights include 2 free spins games, 2 picks bonuses and a progressive jackpot.

Tuning in to the Ant and Dec Slot

Behind the flashing lights and electronic music, you’ll find a 40 payline real cash slot with a regular 5 reel, 4 rows configuration. Controls are very simple, you toggle your bet amount – and then press spin. You’ll find a menu on the left-hand side which brings up options (sound, pay table and so on).

On the reels, you will find a mix of single height and double height symbols. These work identically. For the bigger symbols, game play is the same as if there were two separate symbols one on top of the other.

The biggest regular symbol prizes come from the Ant and Dec together symbols. These are worth 500 coins for 5 of a kind, 160 for 4 and 40 for 3. Ant or Dec separately are worth 300 coins for 5. A pile of bank notes, beach scene with palm trees and a red car (all game show prizes) come next at 200 coins for 5.

Smaller wins are triggered by an odd mix of symbols. Maybe fans of the show will be better able to identify with these than I am! There is a roll of tissue, bowl of cat food, toothbrush and popcorn to line up. All have the same prize of 160 coins for 5.

Show Logo Wild

Wilds come stacked on the reels. These are the slot / show logo. They will replace any of the regular symbols covered above to create extra wins (often several of them). If you get 5 wilds on a line you win 600 coins. As you will see wilds play an important role in the ‘Get Out of Me Ear’ free spins game.

Complex System of 5 Bonus Games

This slot is all about the bonus games. These give you video and voice overs from Ant and Dec, and plenty of opportunities to win big. All bonuses are triggered by hitting 3 or more of the number board bonus symbols. These look like a bingo card.

You then go to a screen with that number board on the left and a smaller ‘supercomputer’ on the right. You’ll be instructed to click a red button on the computer. This doubles some or all the wins on the bigger board. You’ll then see the wins and features on the board shuffle, and disappear. One is then picked for you at random. More than half are cash wins, from 4x to 36x your bet. 5 of them trigger separate bonus games.

There are two free spins games. These are Ant vs Dec Free Spins and Get Out of Me Ear Free Spins. Ant vs Dec sees more symbols of the guys – facing off from different sides of the reels. These are stacked, which will allow for a lot more of the bigger wins. The ‘Ear’ free spins features cascading reels. Wins will explode and new symbols fall in to fill the gaps. This can give you runs of wins. Each spin sees wilds added to the stacks of wilds already in play. When you combine this with the cascading wins, a lot of wilds can fall into place – giving you growing big win potential as the game goes on.

You will also find 2 picks games. The first is called the ‘Best Bits’ and will appeal to fans of the show. Here you pick pictures from either side of the reels and see short video clips of the hosts in action. After each one you get a cash award. If you prefer not to watch, then click on the video after it starts to end it. When you see an ‘X’ after a video, your bonus ends. The other picks game involves picking tiles, where you try and match up Ant and Dec in different costumes. Some of these pictures include bonus multipliers.

High Energy Design

While you are playing there is an electronic pop-dance type soundtrack. This helps to give the slot a high-energy feel. This is complimented by plenty of voice overs from Ant and Dec.

Around the reels you will see a TV studio, in purple and blue. Symbols include photographs, and do change around for the different bonus games. There are small animations (for example the guys high-five on the reels when involved in a win).

Should You Check out the Saturday Night Take Away?

Fans of Ant and Dec will love this game. Many similar free slots  lean on the involvement of the hosts. This one is the opposite. Ant and Dec feature heavily throughout. There are plenty of ways to win big, including a jackpot prize. If you are fans of the show, 4 different bonus games will help keep you entertained while you spin!



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