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As online slots go, Skull Duggery is an older model. This slot has a pirate theme – and not just any old pirates. This bunch are the worst of the worst, using the cover of darkness to steal treasure. The setting includes the creak of timbers and lapping of waves. In contrast to the ghostly pirates, there are exotic fruits on the reels too. These include coconuts, bananas and mangoes.

Unusually, there is no free spins bonus game in this slot. Instead you get a 2nd screen picks bonus. You have a lot of power here, since you decide which character gets to walk the plank. There are also some line wins which are the equivalent of a treasure haul of your own!

How the Skull Duggery Slot Works

Just 9 win-lines cross the 5 reels of Skull Duggery. If you are more used to online slots with more win-lines, this does make things feel like you miss win-lines with consecutive symbols at time. The benefit is that you can add more coins per line than with 30 or 50 win-line games. You can bet from just 9c per spin, and lower the number of lines all the way to 1 if you wish. Auto-play is offered via the ‘expert’ button, this is configurable via a separate panel.

Big Wins with Logo Wilds

With only 9 coins per spin, the top prize of 12,000 coins is proportionally huge. You can win this haul of sunken treasure by lining up 5 of the logo symbols on a win-line. These symbols pay all the way down to just 1 in the left-hand reel.

The benefits of this title / logo don’t end there. As a wild symbol it substitutes for the regular winning symbols to create more wins. This does not include the green skull scatters or thief bonus symbol. Any wins that you create using one or more wilds are tripled compared to the prize listed on the pay table.

Regular Wins: Daggers, Pirates and Fruit

Two disguised pirates appear in the highest paying regular symbol. One has a skull mask and the other is dressed as a giant parrot. This is worth 750 coins for the maximum 5, and pays down to 2 of a kind. A treasure map with an ornate dagger sticking in it follows – worth 400 coins for 5. The final higher paying symbol is a jug of mead – complete with Jolly Roger insignia. This gets you 240 coins for 5.

Smaller wins are made up by fruits. These look nothing like the regular slot fruit symbols. A detailed orange, bunch of grapes, mango, peeled banana and open coconut pay between 200 coins and 50 for 5.

Scatter Skulls

A green skull symbol, which is on top of some gold coins is a scatter. This pays out based on the total number in view – and does not need to line up on any win-lines. If you get 5 skulls, you get a generous 200 times your total stake for that spin. Other prizes are 20 times your stake for 4, 7x for 3 and 2x for just 2. There is a special sound effect (like a ‘boing’) to let you know that a scatter win is being paid.

Booty Bonus Symbols and 2nd Screen Feature

The final symbol shows a night time scene. A hooded pirate is making off with a chest. This is a bonus symbol. You need to line up at least 3 on a win-line to trigger the bonus. If you do hit 4 or 5, you trigger the same bonus – only with bigger prizes.

When you get this bonus the reels disappear, and you see a scene on the deck of a ship. You see a line of 5 pirates, and need to click on one to continue. This pirate walks the plank to the right of the screen – disappearing with a splash. You then see a prize in coins above the plank. If you triggered the bonus with 5 symbols, this can be as much as 3000 coins.

Basic Pirate Design

Despite the splashing sounds and characterful pirates, the design looks dated. The best graphic can be found in the middle of the pay table. There is no background graphic, and the backs of the reels are a plain blue. All the symbols are bright – though basic in their design.

Sound effects are varied. There is the creaking and wave sound between spins, a hum when you spin – and then tunes and sword type effects for some wins.

Is there a Pirate’s Hoard Waiting in the Skull Duggery Slot?

If you enjoy solid older slots, then Skull Duggery is certainly worth a quick spin. The game-play is good, and there is potential for a big win with the logo wild symbols. The feature is fun, though is really just a picks game. I enjoyed this slot, though there are plenty of newer pirate themed games available to try.

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