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Sushi has exploded all over the world in recent years. From it’s roots in Japan, tasty rolls, sashimi and hot wasabi sauce is consumed everywhere. This slot brings sushi to the reels in a colourful slot. This game is part of a series. So Many Monsters and So Much Candy have the same game-play – using different graphics.

As soon as you start to spin, you’ll see that this free slot game does things differently. Instead of lining up 5 symbols, you can line up a maximum of 25 of a kind. This is made possible as the high paying symbols replicate on the reels. A single piece of sushi can become 5!

So Much Sushi also gas a free spins bonus game. Here you get to choose a symbol to become dominant on the reels, with more spins for lower paying items.

25 Lines and 25 of a Kind Wins: How So Much Sushi Works

There are 5 reels, and the symbols are all in (big) single units when you first spin the reels. The symbols are clear and the spin button big – ideal for those playing on mobile phones. You can spin from just 25c – with bigger stakes available by using bigger coins and multipliers. Auto play lets you choose how many spins, set a stop loss, or just play until you hit the bonus game.

Splitting Sushi

Checking the pay table will show wins need between 6 of a kind and 25 of a kind for the 5 highest paying symbols. This is made possible by those symbols multiplying when they get involved in wins. At random, some of them will split into 2, 3, 4 or 5 separate pieces. If you get 5 on each symbol in a 5 of a kind win, you have hit a welcome big win!

These range from $640 per $1 staked (for the sliced open piece of sushi containing vegetables), down to $320 for the green piece with what could be a crab stick inside. In between are a piece of fish on rice, some orange balls inside a sushi roll and some raw meat on rice.

You do not need to be quick at counting the pieces of food. When you win, the number you hit is displayed right above the reels.

You will also find playing card symbols. These do not split up – making you maximum win 5 of a kind. Wild symbols are also in play. These are the logo of the slot with the title inside, plus two chopsticks. This does not split, though can help make wins with the splitting food pieces. If you get 5 wilds on a win-line, this is worth $300 (based on $1 per spin).

Soy Sauce and Wasabi Scatters

When you win with 2 or more scatters, you’ll see a wobbling soy sauce bottle and bouncing bowl of green spicy Wasabi sauce. These pay based on the total number anywhere on the reels. The top prize is 75x your stake for 5 of a kind (2 of a kind gets you your stake back). Scatter wins are added to line wins.

3 or more scatters also triggers the free spins bonus game.

Which Sushi Will You Choose?

Before you start the free spins, you will need to make a choice. The 5 pieces of sushi are displayed across the screen, each with a different number of spins. The white piece with the vegetables has the biggest line prize, and so this has the least spins with 8 available. Add 2 for each more valuable piece – until you hit the green crab sushi, which has 16 free spins.

During your spins, the piece you picked replaces all the other food symbols. This gives you a lot more opportunities to hit those big wins!

You can retrigger these spins, though you do not get to pick a different piece of sushi. Instead the same amount of spins is added to your total.

Delicious Design

Symbols are clean and clear, and spin on dark coloured reels. There are plenty of animations. The scatter ‘wobble’ is worth looking out for. You will also see effects whenever you win with the higher paying food symbols. Extra pieces of sushi will drop into the reels, before your wins are calculated.

A very chilled out track plays while you spin. This could come from some meditation course! There are jingles which sound a little more like they came from Japan when you hit wins. The free spins game has a far livelier track playing.

Should You Get Your Fill of Sushi?

This is an entertaining online slots machine with a unique theme, which will work well on your mobile devices. Along with the other slots in the range, this is the only game where you can hit 25 of a kind in a single spin. There is an element of strategy in the free spins round, where you get to choose your favourite piece of food.

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