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When you first see Soccer Safari slot, the reels look very crowded. Lots of colourful symbols, depicting animals in soccer situations, fill the reels. Once you start to play, you’ll find a lively game which brings together Africa and World Cup soccer. This slot was new around the time that the World Cup was held in South Africa. The music, and animations, are a lot of fun.

There are two special features which are worth hitting. A short free spins round has the benefit of 2 wild reels. A more complex bonus is an animated picks game. Here you pick an animal to try to win the cup – getting prizes based on their success.

Before You Kick Off Playing Soccer Safari: Setup and Bets

MicroGaming slot fans will not be surprised to hear that the regular 5 by 3 configuration is used. There are 30 win-lines in use (which are changeable, right down to 1 line). You can also bet up to 10 coins per line. This gives you plenty of flexibility in your bet sizes, from just 30c and up. Bet Max gives you all 30 lines at 10x and spins, while auto-play is a standard MicroGaming addition.

Bigger Wins and Logo Wilds

Wilds have the biggest line win. This shows the title of the slot, with a football in front. 5 of these on a win-line will get you 2000 coins. This wild also substitutes for the animals. There is no multiplier this time, though it can and does enable plenty of wins.

The next 4 symbols are all entertaining animals, playing soccer. The loin is dribbling, and worth 1000 coins for the maximum 5. There is a Rhino heading the ball (700 coins), a goalkeeping leopard (600) and a warthog running with the ball (500).

Soccer Scenes for Smaller Wins

Part of the reason this slot looks crowded are the smaller paying symbols. Instead of simple fruits of playing cards, these are animals in many different soccer themed poses. There are 3 hyenas forming a ‘wall’ for a free kick, a referee showing a yellow card, a pink crowd scene, cheerleaders with ‘goal’ on them, and the elephant and giraffe commentary team!

You can gamble after any win (the ‘Lines’ button becomes ‘Gamble’). This is a simple turn of a playing card and not soccer themed.

Free Spins Zebra

A special symbol with a Zebra holding up a red card gets you 5 free spins. This needs to hit reels 1 and 5 at the same time. For these, reels 1 and 5 become completely wild (showing the Zebra). The middle 3 reels spin 5 times. On the last spin, you have a chance of retriggering the bonus (the wilds disappear, allowing for more Zebra symbols).

Go for Goal Bonus Game

Things get lively if you hit 3 of the golden World Cup scatter symbols anywhere in view. These are scatters, and have a prize based on how many hit the reels. You will get 200x your spin amount for the maximum 5.

This bonus is an elaborate animated picks game, with several rounds. First, you need to choose the team, your player will represent you moving forward. The scene changes to a penalty attempt. You see the commentators saying that this kick will decide the cup. Your animal has a multiplier, and your goal attempt is based on the 4 corners of the goal. If you score, you get a bigger prize.

At the end, if you scored, you’ll see a celebration with your team.

Detailed Cartoon Design

A lot of detailed artwork can be found on the reels, with almost all the symbols coming to life when they are involved in wins. Behind the reels you can see the stands of a huge soccer stadium.

While you spin a dance track plays. This does liven up the game, though can become repetitive after a while. This fades out between spins, where sound effects based on your wins (for example the referee’s whistle) take over. Things are even more lively when the Zebra free spins kick in.

Could the Soccer Safari Slot Lead to a Big Score?

There is a lot to like about this slot. Some sport themed slots are a little too serious. This one is a lively and engaging game – with some fun animations on most spins. Your big wins will come in the bonus games. The goal bonus is the most visually appealing, though the 2 wild reels in the free spins game have a better shot at hitting that big score.

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