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There are a lot of weird and wonderful themes in MicroGaming’s extensive 3-reel slot catalogue. This is the first time I have come across a traditional 3-reel slot with jet aircraft on the reels. The sonic boom in the name is the one created when a plane crosses the sound barrier. If you line up 3 of the best paying symbols, the sounds you make could be even louder!

This is a simple game, without second screen features or gimmicks. With a single win-line, you’ll need to line up 3 symbols to get the best prizes. Logo symbols are wilds, substituting for the regular ones. These also come with win multipliers.

Getting Up to Speed on How Sonic Boom Works

Before you hit the spin button, you’ll need to make 2 key choices. First, the size of your coins. The smallest is just 5c, with bets of up to $50 possible. You can change those using the + and – buttons on the control panel. You also have a choice of 1 or 2 coins per spin. A look at the pay table shows the best prize is for 2 coins. I recommend you play half of your preferred 1-line coin size – and make sure you spin for 2 each time.

Logo Wilds and Win Multipliers

There is only a single win-line, and the logo symbols, which say ‘Sonic Boom’, are the symbols you’ll want to see. If you line up 3, you get 1200 coins for 1 coin, or 2500 coins for 2. That extra 100 coins is the reason to play 2 each spin.

Logo symbols also substitute for all the others. If you create a win with 1 logo and 2 regular symbols, your prize gets doubled. If you use 2 wild logos instead, that prize is 4x what is on the pay table. This makes the 2nd biggest prize 1 plane and 2 wilds, this gets 240 coins x4, which is 960 coins.

Even a single logo pays a prize, substituting for a single cherry!

Regular Wins: Planes and Traditional Slot Symbols

Jet planes are not the usual type of symbol you’d expect on a 3-reel slot. These are the 2nd best symbol here – worth 240 coins for 3.

After this, things get more traditional. There are bar symbols, in the usual 3, 2 and 1 format. These at least have coloured borders. You’ll win 120 for 3 of the triple bars, 90 for 3 of the doubles and 30 coins for 3 singles. Any 3 mixed gets you 10 coins.

Cherry symbols have bigger than usual prizes for 3 of a kind – 40 coins in this case. You’ll get 10 coins for 2 and 4 coins for 1 in any position on the win-line.

A Design Which Hits with a Boom

The word boom really can’t be missed when you load up this game. This is read, and appears broken – as if you were viewing it through a shock wave. A plane, which presumably caused this shock wave, is in the foreground. This reminds me of a kids’ drawing of a fighter jet – and has a bright red nose-cone. Behind this logo, and the rest of the slot, there is a blue-sky background, which is punctuated by fluffy white clouds.

As you might expect from MicroGaming 3-reel slots, the reels are designed to look like they are curved. There are light effects, mimicking the glass front of the old casino slots. You will not always line up wins on the win-line. When you do you will see a red line across the reels. The pay table will also flash, showing you how much you won.

Symbols are clear, though basic in design. You’ll find the red nosed plane flying in the opposite direction to the one on the main graphic.

To the right of the reels is the pay table. This takes up the right hand third of the screen – allowing more room for the reels than on many other games. You can see the prizes for 1 and 2 coins listed.

Sounds when you spin are slightly different to many 3-reel slots. This is a wobbling, deep noise – followed by jingles when you win. Ambient casino floor noises come in between spins.

Will Breaking the Sound Barrier Lead to Booming Wins?

This is a fresh take on an old game format. The same game-play with 2x and 4x wins with wilds is used on many traditional slots from MicroGaming. The 2500-coin top prize is the main reason to play, though you will also find regular wins boosted by those wild multipliers.

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