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Vegas style showgirls can be found on this slot – along with decidedly Vegas style slots. This is a traditional 3-reel slot, though some of the symbols are anything but traditional. In place of the familiar cherries, you’ll find tickets. Even the trusty 7’s have enjoyed a showbiz make-over.

There are two reasons other than big line wins to play this slot. First, the wilds will multiply any wins they become a part of. Second, there is a bonus game on a separate screen. If you hit a special symbol on the third reel, you get to spin a wheel for big money!

Familiar Setup of the Spectacular Slot

Spectacular slot may have a spectacular design and theme – though the setup is familiar. MicroGaming have a layout for their 3-reel slots, which is in use here. The reels are on the top left, with the graphic underneath them and the pay table to the right.

You can only spin with $1 coins here, and have a simple choice before you spin of 1 or 2 coins per spin. For me, it is not worth playing for 1 coin per spin. Not only is the top prize (proportionally) smaller, you do not get to play the wheel bonus game. Combined, these factors which significantly reduce your expected returns.

You’ll play on a single win-line, and if you prefer to sit back and watch the action, auto-play is available.

Spectacular Logo Symbols are Wilds

The top symbols have a design like a feather head dress worn by the ladies at Vegas shows – with the word ‘spectacular’ on them. These have the biggest prizes. If you play 2 coins, the top prize for 3 is a generous 5000 coins. 1-coin spins get you less than half of this, at 2000 coins.

Spectacular symbols also substitute for the others listed below to create more wins. If you get 1 of these wild symbols in a winning combo, your prize is doubled. If this is 2, then you get 4x the listed prize. Note that these wilds do not substitute for the special bonus trigger symbol.

7’s, Bars and Tickets

Bright blue 7 symbols are the next best paying. These have been given a make-over. There are lights around the outside, and lighter blue patterns inside. If you line up all 3, you’ll get 200 coins (assuming a 2-coin spin for all of these prizes).

Bar symbols are simple black and white designs – contrasting with the brightness of everything else. There are some big prizes, with 100 coins for 3x triples, 60 coins for 3x doubles, 30 coins for 3x singles and 10 coins for any 3 mixed.

Ticket take the role of the lowest paying symbols. These say, ‘admit one’, and only require 1 on the win-line to trigger a small prize (4 coins). You get 10 coins for 2 and 20 coins for 3.

Spin Symbol and Wheel of Wealth Bonus

On the 3rd reel you will find one additional symbol. This has a multi-coloured surround and arrows, with the word ‘spin’. If this hits the win-line, you’ll get to spin the ‘Wheel or Wealth’. You go to a second screen, where the wheel sits between 2 black blocks of text.

To spin, you click the button where the slot controls used to be. You can win anything up to 1000 coins from this wheel, with the smaller prizes at 20 coins. No prizes for guessing which famous game-show themed slots this idea came from!

Showgirls Design

You’ll see the word ‘Spectacular’ in bright red and yellow letters on top of the main graphic. This appears to show a Vegas show in action. There is a leading lady in red, with two groups of 3 ladies behind her. A vivid blue lightshow is in the background.

The symbols on the reels continue this theme. I particularly like the 7’s, which have a Vegas feel to them.

Most of the sounds are standard whirrs and beeps (along with casino floor chatter). There are some special jingles for bigger wins and the bonus game.

Will This 3-Reel Slot Give You Spectacular Wins?

There is certainly the potential for some spectacular wins with this game. The biggest line hit is worth a cool 5000 coins. Wilds can multiply wins by up to 4x, giving a welcome boost to even the smaller regular wins. The part that makes this slot stand out from many other 3-reel games in the MicroGaming range is the bonus wheel. You can win up to 1000 coins per spin, which is triggered by hitting that special symbol on reel 3.

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