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Mystical themes are more common in video slots than in traditional 3-reel games. This simple slot from MicroGaming aims to redress the balance. You can’t help noticing the spiritual lady looking right at you from just below the reels. In addition to bright green eyes and flame red hair, she has mystic looking jewels on her forehead. This lady is also the best paying symbol. She appears alongside another unique slot symbol, in the form of an owl.

You’ll need to enjoy solid slot play with this game. There are no features, and not so much as a win multiplier to add to the excitement. The flame haired lady is a wild symbol, which can help enable some additional wins. The main reason to play is the big top line prize.

You are Bound to Like the Spellbound Slot Setup

Slots can’t be much easier to play than Spellbound. There are 3 reels, which are curved, and up to 3 win-lines, depending on how many you’d like to play. To get the best returns, you should play 3 coins. The ability to reduce your coin size helps here. You can set that coin to the size where you are comfortable playing 3. As you will see, the bigger wins on line 3 make this a mathematical ‘no brainer’.

If you hit the ‘expert’ button on the control panel, auto play options appear. You can choose 5x spins, 10x spins or you can click auto-play to choose from more options.

Sorceress Symbols: Top Prize and Wild

The lady from the main graphic is also the top paying symbol. The prize for 3 of her heads is way higher than the next prize. How much you win does depend on which of the win-lines they line up on:

  • Line 1 (middle): 1500 coins
  • Line 2 (top): 3000 coins
  • Line 3 (bottom): 6000 coins

As you will see, the prize for line 3 had an extra 1500-coin increase compared to the others. This will boost your long-term returns.

Wild symbols replace any others to create extra wins. You need a minimum 3 symbols to win. 2 wilds and 1 regular symbol, or 2 regular symbols and 1 wild both work. There are no win multipliers for wilds in this game. These are the only ‘feature’ other than lining up symbols, so enjoy whatever benefits they bring!

Mystic and Traditional Symbols in the Spellbound Slot

Owls might not be the usual type of slot symbol, though here they work well. The round brown owl symbols are worth a generous 500 coins if you hit 3 of a kind. A jewel comes next. This has a bright orange gem and is worth 300 coins for 3. Like all the regular symbols, the prizes are the same for each of the 3 win-lines.

Bars are the only other symbol on the reels. These come in the familiar 3, 2 and 1 format. They are worth 100, 50 and 25 coins for 3 of the triples, doubles and singles. 3 mixed bars have the smallest prize, this is worth 5 coins.

It is possible to win on more than 1 win-line. Due to the spacing of the symbols, this will usually be the top and the bottom win-line.

Regular Setup with Flame-Haired Design

If you are already a fan of MicroGaming 3-reel slots, then the screen layout will come as no surprise to you. The reels are on the top left, the pay-table dominates the right-hand side of the screen – and the main graphic is below.

This is an intensive and vivid graphic, with the sorceress staring out at you very intensively. There is a nice effect where her red hair becomes a background to the slot title. Reels look curved, and other than the owl and face, the symbols are very traditional.

Sound effects for this game are not customised. You can expect ambient casino floor effects, whirrs and beeps for your wins. The pay table will show you what you won by lighting up the appropriate prize.

Will This Traditional Slot Put You Under It’s Spell?

Graphically, this game stands out from most traditional 3-reel online slots. In terms of game-play it does not. Few slots are this simple. You do get 3 win-lines, and wild symbols can help you to create wins. Having said that the real appeal does not come from any fancy game-play – it comes from the 6000-coin top prize!

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