Thousand Islands Slot

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This MicroGaming slot has an unusual theme. Below the reels you can see a calm sea and wooden sailing boat in full sail. This evokes thoughts of the early explorers, and the discovery of new lands. With a smooth gold design, this slot is a classy and polished game. While the layout of the reels is shared between most MicroGaming 3-reel slots, the atmosphere does feel unique.

You will find a single win-line, and a simple choice of 1 or 2 coins. If you already enjoy MicroGaming slots, the multipliers in place for wild symbols will be familiar to you. These allow you to win up to 4x the prizes listed on the pay table.

Play 1000 Islands for 2 Coins

The setup could not be any more straightforward. You can spin for 1 or 2 coins, and need to line up symbols on a single win-line. You can choose your coin size from 25c and up. If you hit the ‘expert’ button, to the right of your balance, then you get some extra controls. These include a configurable auto-play option.

For most 3-reel slots, there is an incentive to play the maximum number of coins. This comes in the form of a bigger prize for the 3rd (or 5th) coin. In this game the prizes are simply doubled between the first and second coins. This means there is no advantage to playing either number.

1000 Island Wild Symbols

Gold and red discs with the number 1000 hand drawn on them are the highest paying symbol by a long way. These symbols are also wild, replacing the traditional slot symbols to create wins.

If you get 3 of these symbols on the win-line, you get 800 or 1600 coins (for 1 or 2-coin spins).

As a wild, the 1000 symbol also has a win multiplier. This is 2x for wins containing 1 wild and 2 regular symbols, and 4x for wins with 2 wilds and 1 regular symbol. For example, a 2-coin win with 3 of the triple bars (usually worth 100 coins) would pay 400 coins with 2 wilds and 1 triple bar.

Traditional Slot Symbols with a Hint of Gold

All the symbols except the humble cherry have a hint of gold about them on the 1000 Islands slot. The red 7’s have a neat gold trim. 3 of these on the win-line are worth 200 coins (assuming a 2-coin spin). Next come the bar symbols. These are in the usual 3, 2 and 1 format. The triples are worth 100 for 3, the doubles 50 and the singles 20. There is a 6-coin consolation prize if you hit any 3 mixed bars.

Cherries are the only symbols which pay for less than 3 of a kind. Here you can win 4 coins for 1, 10 coins for 2 and 40 coins for all 3.

Sepia Design with Gold Trim

The main graphic below the reels is partly obscured by large writing of the title. Behind this you can see a wooden sailing ship, in full majestic sail. Islands and a calm sea can be seen in the background. Above, a cloudy sky can be seen.

Above this graphic you will find the 3 reels. Like on all slots of this type, these are white and made to look curved. You can see the light effect on them, as if you were viewing a real slot through the glass panel. Symbols are smarter than on most slots like this one. The gold trim is mixed with some shading which makes them sparkle a little. You will not always line up symbols, they can appear above and below the reels as well as on them.

On the right-hand side of your screen is the pay table. At the top the payments for wins with wilds are outlined. Under this are the wins, split into 1 coin and 2 coins.

Sounds are generic, with no special effects which could fit into the theme. Like the view of the reels, these have been deliberately created to sound like an older, mechanical, slot.

Could 1000 Islands Win You a Grand?

Compared to many 3-reel online slots, 1000 Islands is classy and polished. The game-play is the same as many other MicroGaming titles. If you enjoy games with wilds that multiply wins, and a shot at a big line prize, then this game is certainly worth taking for a spin.

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