10 Times Wild Online Slot Review

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10 Times Wild is one of the more traditional slots you’ll find in an online casino. It has the basic three reels and many of the symbols associated with slots at any time in the past, such as the cherry, the red seven and the single, double and treble BARs. The slot even looks like a ‘one armed bandit’, so for one of the most authentic looking games online, this 888 Games designed slot is hard to beat.

How the 10 Times Wild Slot Works

The moment you enter this game, you might feel that you are travelling back in time a little. This slot simply has three large reels and a just a single pay line – a far cry from some of the slots today which usually contain five reels and a whole host of pay lines. Before each spin you’ll set your stake and the number of credits you want in play. For example, your stake could be $0.25, but you could play 1, 2 or 3 credits, at the cost of $0.25, $0.50 or $0.75 respectively. Ideally, you’ll want to be playing for the maximum 3 credits, as the maximum prize offers slightly better value.

The cherry, like many traditional slots, offers wins for just hitting 1, 2 or 3 symbols. Land a single cherry on reel 3 and you’ll win 6 coins (the pay outs listed in this review are assuming you are playing with 3 credits). Hit cherries on reels two and three and the prize is doubled to 12 coins and hit the maximum 3 cherries and it is doubled again to 24 coins.

Landing three in a row of the single BAR symbol pays 24 coins, the double BAR is worth 60 coins and the triple BAR symbol pays a total of 120 coins. You’ll also win a prize if you land a combination of any of the three BAR symbols on the pay line, this coming in at 15 coins.

The final standard symbol on the reels is the red seven, which pays out 150 coins for three in a row.

10 Times Wild – Wild Symbol

The wild symbol shows the ’10 Times Wild’ title of the slot and will substitute for any of the other symbols in the game, giving the opportunity for extra wins. As you might have guessed from the title, if you do land a win where the wild symbol is used, the win amount will be multiplied by 10. Even better is the fact that a win where two wilds are on the pay line will multiply the win amount by 100.

For example, if you manage to land a win with two sevens and a single wild on the pay line, the usual 150-coin win will now become 1,500. Land a win with one seven and two wilds and this win amount becomes a mighty 15,000 coins.

The highest win in the game comes when you land three wilds in a row, this win seeing 16,000 coins heading your way.

Traditional Casino Slot Design

This 888 Games designed slot is set up to look exactly like a slot on the casino floor, the handle to the right and the LED style push buttons below the reels. The reels are white and the visuals suggest that these reels are part of a wheel, the shadows on the reels suggesting this curvature. Graphically, the game is basic as all the symbols are ‘no frills’, but you wouldn’t expect any different from a game such as this one.

Below the reels there ae three buttons. ‘Bet One’ to the left allows you to set the number of credits, while the ‘Bet Max’ to the right sets the reels in motion for the maximum three credits. In the middle of the two is the ‘spin reels’ button, which will start the game at your chosen credit amount. Plus and minus buttons below the ‘credit value’ display to the left-hand side allow you to set your stake.

Is 10x Wild a Wild Game to Choose?

If you’re someone who is used to playing some of the more expansive slots at an online casino, you might wonder why anyone would play such a game as this one. However, if you have been bought up playing these traditional games, this might be ideal – the lack of distractions might be a refreshing change. The game might be straightforward and uncomplicated, but the excitement levels are there, especially when those 10x wilds start making an appearance.

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