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Back in the early 1980’s, the original ‘Clash of the Titans’ movie was released. Looking back now, it looks a little dated, some of the special effects nothing special at all in comparison to the CGI found today, so it was of little surprise that Hollywood decided to reboot the movie in 2010. Unfortunately, the modern version never quite lived up to the original, the new movie rated well below on popular movie websites. Nevertheless, the new version of the film has spawned a slot release on the back of it, featuring some nice imagery from the action movie.

How to Win on the Clash of the Titans Slot

This 888 Games designed slot has five reels, each of these reels three symbols high. The slot pays from left to right and has a maximum of 20 win lines, although players have the option of playing any number up to 20.

The highest paying standard symbol in the game shows an image of a warrior riding a horse at full speed, with sword in hand. Hit this symbol five times in a row and you’ll win 1,250 coins. Other stills from the movie include the gaping jaws of a giant monster and a huge creature and a battle raging at sea, both of which pay a maximum of 500 coins. The standard symbols are completed by a hooded character from the movie and a set of playing card symbols containing 10, J, Q, K and A.

Perseus Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is represented by an image of Perseus from the movie, his face contorted with rage. This symbol will substitute for any other symbol in the game apart from the title symbol scatter. As well as helping you land those additional wins, Perseus is also by far the highest paying symbol in the game, worth an incredible 10,000 coins if you land five in a row, while even 4 in a row pays out 1,000 coins (one of only 3 four-figure pay outs in the entire game).

The wild symbol also allows entry into a mini feature too. Hit Perseus on reels 1 and 5 and you’ll gain automatic entry into a pick and win feature. Having picked and won a prize once, you can be lucky enough to receive a secondary pick too.

Clash of the Titans Slot Free Spins Feature

The scatter symbol shows the title of the slot / movie against a dark grey background. Hit just two scatters and you’ll win double your stake, but hit 3, 4 or 5 scatters and you’ll win 5x, 20x and 100x your stake respectively. You’ll also gain entry into the free spins feature round. Players will have 12 free spins in total, with the huge added bonus that every win during this feature will be trebled. The other good news when playing this feature is firstly the fact that it can be retrigged with 3 or more further scatters and secondly you can also activate the pick and win feature too.

Clash of the Titans Movie Themed Design

The visuals of this movie-based slot are all grabbed from the movie itself, giving the game something of an epic feel. As a background to the reels, you’ll find a rocky terrain, with a brooding blue sky, giving the feel that something big might be about to happen. The reels themselves are backed in a light grey color, which is a nice contrast to the more colorful symbols, giving a real professional look to the game. Unfortunately, the game is a little lacking when it comes to a soundtrack, as you might expect the theme tune to play throughout. Instead you have an unimpressive clicking of the reels, with the only themed noises coming into play when you land a win. The best visuals of all are when you enter the free spins feature, when you see a video clip from the movie and this is the point where the movie style sound effects finally kick in.

Clash of the Titans Conclusion

Clash of the Titans is an enjoyable movie themed slot, but it certainly doesn’t go as far as many other similar slots. Yes, you have the nice visuals and the movie clips throughout play, but there is so much more scope to this slot than the simple free spins feature that is on offer. Nevertheless, the 3x multiplier in place makes for a very profitable feature if you land it and this alone might make Clash of the Titans worth playing.

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