Dragon Master Slot Review

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Most online slots which involve dragons fall into the Asian slots category. Instead of a Chinese dragon, this 888 Games slot takes more of a ‘dungeons and dragons’ theme. The star of the show is a fierce looking armored knight – called the dragon slayer. This is a wild symbol. You will also find an ancient scroll, dangerous looking spiked ball and chain weapon, and of course the dragon on the reels.

This slot is designed with mobile phone use in mind. The buttons are on the right of the reels, rather than below them. The highlight is a free spins bonus round, where you will see a dragon flying across the reels.

Mobile-Friendly Setup of the Dragon Master Slot

This is a 25 win-line game, using the standard 5×3 grid. The reels are plain white, which helps to display the brightly colored symbols clearly on mobile devices. Unusually for 888, you can adjust the number of win-lines with this game. You can also change the coins played per line – from 1c and up. There is an auto-play button. This triggers spins to continue until you press stop, make sure you do not click this accidentally!

The dragon slayer / knight symbol has two roles. This is the highest paying symbol by a long way. If you line up 5 of these then 4000 coins will come your way. This is also the wild symbol. It will substitute for all of the other symbols except the green orbs (scatters). When wins are created which include the dragon slayer, you will receive double the prize listed on the pay table.

Other high paying symbols are a chest full of treasure, the head of an orange dragon, a ball and chain weapon and the ancient scroll. Playing card symbols are the low paying symbols, with ace down to nine in play.

Scatter Symbols and Free Spins

When you win with the green orb scatter symbols, you’ll see an animation revealing a dragon inside of the orb. These pay out depending on how many are in view anywhere on the reels. Just two will get you 1x your total bet for that spin as a prize. If you get 3 orbs then you get 5x your total bet, 4 orbs get you 20x and 5 will trigger a 100x prize.

In addition, 3 or more of the orbs will trigger 10 free spins. There are two differences between the free spins round and the base game. First, all prizes during the free spins are doubled compared to the pay table. Second, you’ll see an animation of a dragon fly over the reels on some spins. This will add extra wilds sometimes, though not every time. The 2x multiplier for the wilds will work with the overall 2x multiplier – giving you the potential for bigger wins.

Fantasy Design of the Dragon Master Slot

This is not the most detailed design. The boldness of the symbols and layout of the buttons make it look like it was designed with smaller mobile phone screens in mind.

Around the outside of the reels you will see a fiery sunset scene. There is a flying dragon to the right, though unfortunately this is partly covered by one of the line markers. The reels are plain white, other than the orb and dragon slayer, the symbols have a white background. This gives an overall clean feel to the game.

There are two animations for the symbols. The first is the dragon slayer. He will swing his sword towards you, creating a flash of green light. Orbs also have a flash of green light, with a dragon being revealed inside the glass. The only other animation is the dragon flying past in the free spins game.

While the design is not too detailed, the artwork does work well. I particularly like the spiked ball and chain – which looks like it could slay any dragon!

Sounds are basic, with a mechanical clicking of the reels the most prominent one. There are occasional wind effects and screeches – though for me this game is more visual than audio-led.

Should You Seek Out the Dragon’s Treasure?

This is an entertaining mobile slot, which should be prefect for a quick spin. There is not really enough going on to keep people engaged for the long-term – though it is a solid enough game to be worth a look. The only real highlight is the free spins round, where a 2x multiplier combines with the extra wilds (which have their own 2x multiplier).

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