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The central character in this game – the Jewel thief himself – looks like a punk in more ways than one. He has spikey hair, a missing tooth and classic striped top. The theme sees him on the run from some cops, trying to get rich by stealing jewels. The animation and music is a little different to most games in the 888 range. There are also 50 win-lines – a step up from the usual 25.

During the free spins round, you’ll get to play a picks game where you search for the jewels. This can add to your number of free spins too. There are also bigger wins available by lining up the ‘bravery award’ wild symbols.

Adjustable Setup of the Jewel Thief Slot

Unusually for slots in the 888 Games’ range, you can adjust the number of win-lines for this game. The default is 50. You can also adjust your coin size, starting from just 1c per line and up from there. You’ll see some auto play options on a clip board to the left of the controls. The pay table (complete with crazy tune) is to the left of that.

It is the cop, rather than the thief, who has the highest prize. The male cop is worth 1000 coins for 5 of a kind, 250 for 4, 100 for 3 and 15 for 2. The female cop is next at 450 coins for 5 (also pays all the way down to 2), then the thief at 200 coins. The dog and cop car make up the higher paying symbols.

Lower paying symbols are all accessories for cops or thieves. There are no playing cards in use. These are a gun, walkie talkie, handcuffs, key and sunglasses.

Wild Symbols and Scatters

A bravery award medal is the wild symbol. This has the biggest prize, at 2500 coins for 5 of a kind. It also substitutes for any of the regular winning symbols.

One symbol that the wild does not substitute for is the scatter. This is a jeweled necklace on a red stand. You’ll get a prize (multiplier of your spin amount) and free spins for hitting 3 or more of these anywhere in view. This is 3x your bet and 10 spins for 3, 25x your bet and 15 spins for 4 and 50x your bet and 25 free spins for 5.

Free Spins and Nested Picks Game

The free spins are mostly the same as the base game. You’ll get a total of your wins above and to the right of the reels, and enjoy some music while you spin. During these spins, you will see an animated avatar of the thief to the right of the reels.

One big difference is that a wanted symbol on reel 1 and police car on reel 5 during these spins will trigger a picks subgame. You first see a line around the middle row, then the thief avatar runs across the reels. Next an animation starts (same as part of the intro video). Here the thief goes into a door, followed by the cop.

You then see the inside of a room, filled with items. You pick these – looking for the jewels. There are pictures on the walls, a moose’s head, plants, a bag on the table and even a ball. Each item you pick will award a multiplier of your bet. You keep picking until one item gives a multiplier plus some extra free spins. At this point you head back to the reels to enjoy those spins.

It is possible to trigger this bonus multiple times – though it can only happen during the free spins game.

80’s Cops Design

There is something about the overall design which reminds me of 1980’s TV cop shows. Maybe this is the sunglasses! Overall the design is detailed and very nicely produced. There are some fun animations (a punch from the female cop for example). The sound effects are odd, though not disturbing. Only the crazy tune on the pay table had me reaching for the mute button.

The highlight of the design is the sequence which leads up the picks game. This is like a short-animated movie.

Should You Try to Pull Off a Heist with the Jewel Thief Slot?

This game is certainly worth taking for a spin. It has 50 win lines, which keeps the smaller wins coming in, and some big win potential with the wilds too. The free spins game is undoubtedly the highlight. While ‘nested’ bonus rounds do not always work, this one can extend your free spins – making it well worth hitting!

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