Jungle Goals Slot Review

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At some time in the near past a meeting must have taken place that went like this. ‘I have an idea, how about we design a slot about parrots. And then another about football. In fact, why don’t we combine the two!’ So, yes, Jungle Goals is a strange mix of parrots enjoying a game of football on a tropical beach. I’m not sure exactly how the great minds at 888 Games came up with this idea, but strangely, it works.

You’ll find multiplier wilds in the base game, plus three different bonus games.

Soccer Playing Parrots, The Jungle Goals Base Game

The first thing you’ll notice when you play Jungle Goals are the parrots. There are five in total on the reels and each has a distinct coloring. These seem to be based on the same colors of a football strip. You’ll find a referee to the left of the reels. This is a large and serious looking toucan, with a whistle in his mouth.

There are only 9 win-lines crossing the standard 5×3 grid of the reels. You can spin from just 5c per line or 45c and up.

The highest paying parrot is the green and yellow one which has a top prize of 3,000 coins, while the red and brown striped parrot is the only other with a four-figure pay-out at 1,000 coins. These two parrots possibly represent the Brazilian and Portuguese national teams. Other parrots include a green, white and red striped one (Italy), a blue and white striped parrot (Argentina) and a final red and orange parrot (Spain). Alongside these parrots and representing the lower end of the pay table are a whistle, a football, a flag, two colored feathers and a jungle trumpet.

Two Different Goal Wild Symbols

This 888 Games designed slot has two separate wild symbols, each of the symbols shows a goal in the background. There is a standard wild, which will simply substitute for every other symbol in the game (apart from the scatter symbol) and then there is a 3x wild. Landing a win with this more expansive wild will see your win amount trebled compared to what is on the pay table.

Jungle Goals Slot – Three Bonus Features

The main bonus feature of the game is activated when you land the scatter symbol three times or more across any of the reels. This scatter is represented by a golden ‘World Cup’ style trophy, with a series of feathers protruding from either side. This bonus feature is a free spins round. Landing exactly three scatters wins you 10 free spins. For each additional scatter, you’ll land an additional 10 free spins, up to a maximum of 30 if the scatter symbol lands on all five reels.

There is also a mini bonus feature which is activated when you land one of the two highest paying parrots in the center of each of reels 1 and 5. This is a simple ‘pick me’ feature as you’ll choose one of the two symbols to reveal your prize.

The final feature of the game is the progressive jackpot. Unlike the other two bonus features, this is not awarded by any achievement on the reels themselves – the jackpot pay-out is handed out randomly instead. While you’ll never know exactly the real probability of winning it, you can improve your odds the higher the stake is for each spin.

Copa Cabana Beach Design

Jungle Goals is set against the backdrop of a Copa Cabana style beach, with the sound of the waves lapping heard throughout play. Each of the symbols on the reels has a transparent backing, so you can see the eye-catching scene throughout the game, transporting you away to this idyllic paradise.

To the left of the reels throughout the game you’ll find the referee – and yes, you’ve guessed it, the referee is a bird too. This toucan looks over the reels with a whistle in his mouth and blows it every time you hit the spin button. This slot has an endearing cartoon style quality, while the graphics are solid throughout. There is a lack of animation on the reels, which could improve the game. The overall soundtrack, with the sound of the waves, the whistle and the regular tweeting of the parrots further enhances the tropical feel of the game.

Kick Off on the Jungle Goals Slot?

With so many games available in the crowded slots marketplace it can be tough to find a game with a truly original theme, but Jungle Goals certainly fits this bill (if you find another game featuring parrots and football, my apologies). This gives the slot an immediate element of fun, which is only added to by the appealing graphics. While the gameplay doesn’t quite match up to fun element, with a free spins round, a pick me round and the opportunity of winning a progressive jackpot, this is certainly worth a trip to the beach for.

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