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When it comes to jackpot slots, Millionaire Genie is one of the most famous online games. The jackpot amount starts at a life changing $750,000. It often goes much higher than this. The top payout ever recorded on Millionaire Genie coming in at an incredible $5.2 million. This game is based around the genie in the story of Aladdin. As well as the huge jackpot prize, it also offers the opportunity to enter two distinct bonus features. One is a free spins round with sticky (moving) wilds, and the other is a picks game where you’ll choose a dancer and some treasure.

Millionaire Genie – The Slot Setup

You will not be playing this slot alone. To the left of the reels a bright blue cartoon-like genie will host the game. It will react to your wins and look bored if you pause for too long. On occasion, it will do crazy things like create a balloon animal!

There are the usual five reels used for this slot, each reel showing three symbols. There are fifteen pay lines in total – lower than for most new games. There is a jump from the lowest bet amount of 15c to the second lowest at 75c.

During the base game, the highest paying symbol is the genie’s lamp, which has a top prize of 1,500 coins for hitting the maximum five in a row. A pot of coins in next on the pay table and pays a maximum of 800 coins, while a snake circling an emerald pays 500. The other standard themed symbols are an ancient key and an old spell-book, while these are joined by very ornate looking playing card symbols 10, J, Q, K and A.

Millionaire Genie Logo Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in this game is represented by the initials of the game ‘MG’ and will substitute for every other symbol in the game apart from the bonus ones. This plays a bigger part in the free spins game than the base game – though you will sometimes find several in view during regular play.

Three Distinct Bonus Features

The first bonus feature is the Genie’s Palace bonus game which is activated by landing three or more of the beautiful veiled girl on the reels. Three belly dancers will suddenly appear in the palace, one dressed in red, one in purple and one in blue. You’ll now choose one of the three and you’ll receive a multiplier. Like any good pick me round you’ll also see the multipliers awarded if you had picked either of the other two dancers. Then 6 golden goblets will appear and once again you’ll have to choose one and once again a multiplier will be revealed. Now you’ll take your total stake, then multiply it by the first multiplier, then do the same again with the second multiplier and your prize is revealed.

The second feature is a free spins bonus round. This is activated by landing the genie himself 3 and he will award you with a random number of spins. Landing more than the minimum 3 scatters will see even more spins awarded. Throughout this feature, the genie will randomly add wilds to the reels these sit in groups of 3 to 5, and remain in place for 3 or 4 spins. They then disappear, and get replaced with a new pattern.

The final bonus feature is the progressive jackpot. With a top pay-out of over $5 million and an average pay-out still in excess of $2 million, this is one of the most impressive pay-outs online. It also pays relatively regularly in comparison to other huge jackpots, with more than 25 recorded wins at time of writing. So, how do you bag this jackpot? That’s the easy part, all you must do to stand a chance is to have a paid spin and you might find the jackpot randomly awarded to you. The higher stakes you play at, the better chance you’ll have of winning it.

Sparkling Genie’s Palace Design

There are some nice touches to the design of this slot, which is more quirky than impressive. Throughout the game the genie himself floats towards the left of the reels, his luminous blue coloring and entertaining behavior will catch your eye. Below the genie sits the treasure chest which displays the current jackpot amount and will have you dreaming of the many ways in which you can spend it. The reels themselves house a host of impressive looking symbols, these designed so well that even the playing card symbols will grab your attention. Throughout the game you’re treated to a soundtrack which does a fantastic job of transporting to the historical Middle East.

Should You Rub the Genie’s Lamp and Take Millionaire Genie for a Spin?

What’s not to like about Millionaire Genie? For a start, you’ve got entertaining graphics, which make the gaming experience a good one straight away. Then you have two bonus features in a free spins round and a pick me round where the belly dancers will lighten up the screen. But the best is yet to come, as any slot which gives an opportunity of winning a life changing sum as much as this one, is sure to get the excitement levels rising.

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