Snack Time Slot Review

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On the surface, a slot based in a vending machine where you have to hit ‘combinations’ of snacks to win does not sound like the recipe for a successful game. Strangely, Snack Time from 888 Games has become a popular option. The combination of light-hearted game play and the chance of bigger wins proving to a be a big draw.

While unusual, the ‘combinations’ system is easy to tune in to. There are some additional reasons to play, including 2 progressive jackpots. These are awarded at random. You’ll also find a mini-picks game which gives the occasional instant prize.

Unique Combinations Setup of the Snack Time Slot

When you first see this game, you will see a 5 reel, 3 row grid like any other slot. All the symbols are snacks and drinks, with the end of the spiral metal mechanisms which push them out when you buy them.

While you will bet in multiplies of 25c, there are no win-lines. Instead you get paid by creating shapes with the symbols. These look a lot like the shapes in the game Tetris. There is a ‘L’ shape, a ‘T’ a line a zig-zag and a star-shape.

Your prizes are determined by the type of snack, and the shape(s) that they form. The best paying combination of shape and snack is a red and white lollipop in the star format. This will bring you 500 coins. The two drinks, a purple bottle and red can are next, worth 200x your bet for that top combination. This goes down to 2x or 3x your bet for the L shapes. These shapes can appear anywhere on the grid of the reels.

Super, Mega and Super-Mega Combinations

Things get more interesting when you hit more than one shape in a single spin. For example, if you get 2 shapes together then you hit a super combo. This gets you at least 2 prizes, and also triggers a free respin. The winning symbols are not held in place for this, you get brand new spin. If you hit 3 combos at the same time you get 2 free respins, with 4+ combos triggering 3 respins.

While this is happening, the wins are being accumulated on the left of the reels. This shows you how much you have won since the last paid spin. If you are lucky, you will get some longer sequences of respins and wins.

Pick-Me Game and Random Jackpots

The second bonus feature is very simple by comparison. There are two pick-me symbols (which are red). One appears on reel 1 and the other on reel 5. If you hit both together, they expand a little and you get to click on one of them. This awards an instant cash prize. You will be shown the other one after you choose.

There are two progressive jackpots. These are the ‘delicious’ jackpot and the ‘yummy’ jackpot. These will drop randomly, and are not related to what combinations you hit on the reels.

Vending Machine Design

The team at 888 Games have done a great job in making this slot look like a snack vending machine. Small details like those spiral metal fixtures and having the control buttons looking like the buttons on a typical machine make all the difference. The auto-play options look like the buttons used to select your snack. The spin button looks like a larger manual button that you might press to get a refund.

Inside the machines, there are no recognizable brands. When the snacks form combinations, you’ll get animations, for example a chocolate bar being eaten (or at least bites coming out of it).

While you spin the reels, there is a light tune playing. This would not be out of place in a children’s TV show. There are other sound effects, including effective crunching sounds for the winning shapes. The respins zoom in too.

Are You Hungry to Try Snack Time?

Even though the unique game play is a long way from what you might call a ‘traditional’ slot, it is very enjoyable to play. Things start to get extra enjoyable when you have a sequence of winning combinations and respins. Sometimes, those respins can start to add up – giving you a backlog to work through. There is big win potential with the right mix of snacks and patterns, plus a progressive jackpot and mini-picks game to keep things interesting. I’m sure that taking 888’s Snack Time for a spin will leave you hungry for more!

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