Ultimate Grill Thrills Slot

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Ultimate Grill Thrills has earned its place as a bit of a classic over the years. This slot is created in a cartoon style, with plenty of entertaining sound effects. The theme is a summer barbeque party. You’ll find a chef, corn, beer, meat and even a dog running away with a string of sausages on the reels.

There is a second screen bonus game. This involves picking items to create a kebab, over up to 5 rounds. You can also win via scatter symbols, some bigger line hits or a progressive jackpot. While you play there is the constant sizzling of a barbeque to remind you of those summer nights.

Setup of the Ultimate Grill Thrills Slot

There are 20 win lines for this game, with the regular 5-reel by 3 row setup. This number of lines is not changeable. You can bet from 5c per line ($1 per spin), all the way up to $10 per line or $200 per spin. Auto play for this game lets you choose 10, 25, 50 or 100 spins each time.

The best paying regular symbol is a burger, complete with cheese, lettuce and tomato. This is worth 2000 coins for 5 of a kind, dropping down to 300 for 4, 30 coins for 3 and 3 coins for just 2. Only the hot-dog joins the burger in paying for 2 from the left. The other symbols all require a minimum of 3 to trigger a prize. In addition to that hot-dog (500) the bigger prizes come via the corn (350), steak (300) and kebab (250).

With no playing card symbols in use for this game, the lower paying symbols are all barbeque type accessories. These are a flaming barbeque (150 for 5), can of beer (50), oven glove (25), condiments (15) and utensils (5).

Dog Wild Symbols and the Progressive Jackpot

Wilds play an important role in Ultimate Grill Thrills. These do fulfil the usual role of substituting for the regular symbols. You’ll often create multiple wins with these. You’ll also hear a panting sound, along with a bark / groan that reminds me of Scooby-Do.

The wilds really come into their own when you get 5 on a win-line. This will trigger the progressive jackpot that you will see growing above the reels. This is an unusual way to win the big prize – as most 888 slots have jackpots that are triggered at random.

More Ways to Win: Scatters and Second Screen Kebab Bonus

Scatters only pay cash prizes in this game – and do not trigger free spins or another bonus. You’ll get a prize for 2 anywhere in view and up. These show a lady with sunglasses sipping a cocktail. The prizes are 1x your total bet amount for 2 in view, 5x for 3, 10x for 4 and 20x your bet for 5.

The highlight (other than the progressive jackpot!) for this game is the second screen bonus. The bonus symbols show a chef. You’ll not only need 3 in view, these need to be on a win-line.

When you trigger the bonus, you’ll see a table with 5 tomatoes to the right, and a chef holding a kebab skewer to the left. You pick a tomato, and this gets added to the skewer with a squelching sound. Next you choose meat, then a mushroom and so on. Each successful pick adds to your kebab, and also gets you a prize (which is shown on each item). Eventually, you’ll hit a ‘game over’ message and your win will be totaled.

Ultimate Grill Thrills Barbeque Design

This is not the newest slot, and the design work does show some signs of old age. This is a bright, colorful and fun game – which is created in a cartoon style. Around the edges of the games you see a garden scene, with a grill to the bottom left. The logo is made to look like a kebab on a skewer. On the reels themselves, you’ll see a white background with bright symbols.

These are basic, though plenty good enough to enjoy the game. There are small animations for the main ones, for example the running dog will turn to face you. There are also sound effects. The panting dog is a common one – as this is the wild and often helps you to create extra wins. Sound effects include splats and squelches in the bonus game, where there are additional animations (look out for the losing selections with insects!).

Will This Grill Based Slot Give You a Thrill?

I rate Ultimate Grill Thrills as a classic in the evolution of online slots – and one which is a must play. It is not the most complex of games, or the best designed. What you will find is a solid, bright and enjoyable game. The shot at a progressive jackpot and second screen bonus are added extras.