Valentines Victory Slot Review

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When you see the reels to the left of a cupid floating on a cloud, this looks like a regular slot game. Once you start to spin, you will realize that instead of win-lines, this game uses combinations. You win by creating different shapes of 4 or more heart-shaped cookies. This system is not new. It was first used in the popular ‘Snack Time’ slot – which is based on a vending machine theme.

There are reasons to play above and beyond the cuteness factor for this game. There is a progressive jackpot (which can drop at random), a pick-me game which stays on the reels and a chance to get respins with bigger combinations of hearts.

Setup and Game Basics for Valentine’s Victory

There are 5 reels, each with 3 rows of symbols on display. What is missing is the usual left to right win-lines. Instead you will win by creating adjoining shapes. These are mostly 4 symbols, and look like pieces from a Tetris game. There are L-shapes, T-shapes, lines and zig-zags. The highest paying symbol is a star shape, which uses 5 symbols in an X type format. These can appear anywhere on the reels, and if you get more than 4 pieces together you will create more than one winning combination each spin.

Combinations which include 2 shapes are ‘Super Combos’. If you can create 3 shapes (with overlaps) this is a ‘Mega Combo’ (more than this we are into the realms of ‘Super Mega’). If you hit these, you’ll get respins in addition to extra wins. There is one respin for a super-combo and two for a mega. These can continue if you do get more wins.

The biggest prize comes via a box of chocolates (all the symbols are heart shaped). This will get you 500x your total bet if you get the star shape, 15x for the zig-zag, 10x for a line, 4x for a T and 3x for the L-shape. The ruby gemstone heart comes next (200x for the star) with a cookie heart with pink icing also worth 200x for the star.

Four more hearts are in play, these all have the same prizes attached at 10x for the star shape down to 1x for the ‘L’. These are a brown cake, pink heart, cookie with a cherry in it and plain orange one.

Pick-Me Feature and Progressive Jackpot

On reels 1 and 5, you will sometimes see a symbol which is a white gift-wrapped box (in a heart shape of course!). This says ‘pick-me’. If you get one on both reels at the same time, the mini-bonus game is triggered. The symbols become animated, though stay small. You click on one of them, revealing a cash prize. You will see the prize you did not pick, and see a message about the price of true love before you continue.

There is no combination of symbols to trigger the progressive jackpots. There are two of these, ‘cupids jackpot’ and ‘valentines jackpot’. These are dropped at random. Like on many 888 slots, this can drop at any stake level. The more you bet the better your chances of hitting the big prize.

Angelic Design

Overall, the design is dominated by an animated ‘cupid’ that sits on a cloud to the right of the reels. This will watch you spin, and has moving wins and light glistening from its bow. In the background, you will find fluffy blue clouds with a blue sky.

The symbols are all heart-shaped, and are all very bright. This game would work well as a mobile slot. When you hit the reels, you’ll hear some pinking classical-type music, which kicks up a level when you hit those winning combinations. You will soon pick up on how to spot the super and mega combos. If not then these are animated – along with messages showing how much you have won.

Only the pick-me game has a separate animation, this is small, though there is a quick second screen message after each game completes.

Play Valentine’s Victory Now, or Wait for the 14th of February?

You’ll know already whether you are the type of player who will love a cute hearts and cupids type slot. If this genre does appeal, then I am more than happy to recommend that you take Valentine’s Victory for a spin. The game-play is easy to pick up on. Judging how popular ‘Snack Time’ is, this is an engaging variation on the regular setup. Add to this a shot at the progressive jackpots and mini pick-me game, and you have an all-round enjoyable slot.

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